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    XML in InDesign CS4

    Help... Does anyone understand this? At the minute, I have a vague sense of what is going on, but not enough. Basically we are creating an online business card ordering system which will send me xml files. Now I know I can import them, but at the minute it seems as though I have to reformat...
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    Adjustable Pad Counter HELP in the UK

    Hello, I am looking for one of these, I can find a few in the States, but none over here. Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated, we have 500 3 part NCR pads, 50 per pad to make up and this would save us loads of time. Thanks a lot!
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    Quick solution to a scary PDF mess?

    Ok, I have been supplied with a 296 page book made up of 36 chapters as a PDF. The chapters have headers, and foot(ers?) that say Chapter 6, for example, but should read Chapter 4. That would be annoying enough if it wasn't compounded with the fact that each 6-15 page chapter has sub chapters...
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    General Indesign question

    Just a little question that would make life so much simpler. Does anyone know if & how you can tab through text boxes? A keyboard shortcut or what have you. If I could figure out how to do this, it would make me happy beyond my wildest dreams!

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