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    Imagescanner 65 and Windows

    Ping Ping No ideas? :o One last attempt to find that uber-expert. Thanks again.
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    Imagescanner 65 and Windows

    I've got an ImageScanner 65 from about 2002, and am looking to find out how to get it working on a Windows box. Anything from 98 on up, although XP or Windows7 would be nice, of course. Simply getting a TWAIN driver for it would suffice, I should think... Thoughts? I appreciate your time and...
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    Sherpamatic 43 Value?

    I've got a Sherpamatic 43 which looks to be in fine condition. It's missing 4 of the ink cartridges, but otherwise appears complete. I'm looking for fair market value estimates, as I'd like to sell it. I bought it at auction hoping to use it for plotting / large scale printing, but it appears...

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What about Profitability?
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