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    Best MIS Scheduling Module

    The trick to doing this "scheduling" functionality is to have all the information required to build rules around. Begin with order detail, shipping detail, Once Jobs have been broken into components, which will be converted into signatures then onto layouts, Each Layout then needs to generate a...
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    Follow the Money with an Automated Workflow

    It look like Allied Printing has committed serious investment dollars to provide impressive capabilities. Our product, DataManager provides all the automation to connect these system to build automated workflows, connecting a large selection of MIS and Prepress systems together using Layout JDF...
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    Workflow Management Software for Online Printing Store

    Joe, CSS Group has been working with our product DataManager since 1993 it is a modular database that has a full compliment of tools and capabilities that can handle full prepress and print production automation. We integrate into a wide variety of products, MIS systems, and typical print...
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    Any EFI Monarch Users wanting to export data?

    or have reports written?
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    Looking for RIP recommendations

    Harlequin does have alot of features for most work, but since you have been using Nexus, you may have some specialized packaging workflows that modify PDF or other files for your purposes. Factors like type of work , complexity, integration with other external/internal systems will dictate the...
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    Proofing Folded Pieces

    CSS Group's has recently added to DataManager a Web interface for Flat/Folding Planner that overlays the PDF with the mechanical data that is either driven using data coming from an MIS system or leverages internal meta data with JDF fold information that is overlaid on top of the PDF file...
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    Looking to move from Rampage to a new system.

    Sorry, you didn't understand the statement. The question was meant to articulate that it appears with you having and using Preps Printergy is not the complete solution, as even with Printergy, you still opt to use Metrix. THAT was the point of the posting....
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    Looking to move from Rampage to a new system.

    CSS Group has done complete Metrix Integration both in feeding it MXML and pulling resulting layout JDF information to feed any system. If Printergy and Preps delivers a solid automated print production system, then why is Metrix in the mix? Managing and reading any systems JDF allows for...
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    Looking to move from Rampage to a new system.

    the question is what type of work do you do. flat, folded, Bound, all the above. If packaging, do you do nesting of graphics when building layouts. If commercial work, then are you offset and digital, or both? Do you do self combos forms, or want/need gang printing? There are many choices today...
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    Online Preflight services

    Preflighting files covers such a large topic. Are you looking for simple stuff, like image colors, resolution, are fonts embedded, etc, which without a doubt is important, or are you expecting it to look further into the supplied PDF? AS mentioned earlier, for simple preflight stuff Acrobat...
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    Digital Proof or Not To Digital Proof

    I think the conversation should be "what is the value to you or your customer of the hard proof in the 1st place. Is is for color, size, fit, verifying fold info, handling of PDF stuff (like spot colors, overlays, transparency rendering properly, etc) Is it for an internal QC process or customer...
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    Who is responsible for moaré

    Moires are a pain, and no there is no real way to "check if a moire will appear on any given page/file. In the good old days, we used screening systems that not only varied the screen angles, but would vary the DPI of the screen. If a job was say 150 DPI, then yellow would be st 133, Magenta and...
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    Remote Proof and the bindery

    We have recently added a TXT Planning option to DataManager's web portal. It provides the ability to digitally connect to MIS systems, convert orders, receive graphics (FTP and other), compare and fix all supplied TXT pages boxes, run through Pitstop workflows, extract, merge to finalized the...
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    We don't preflight check

    Although Pre-flighting files is considered a standard part of any workflow, the real question is what are you trying to accomplish when you send a file through any pre-flight workflow? A Pre-flight workflow can cover everything from rewriting the incoming PDF file to a certain standard, or it...
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    MIS Software Recommendations?

    Duncan, I took a look at your website, and it looks like you cover a great deal of product types. Most systems are built to support packaging, or commercial print, and even then they might struggle to handle digital verses analog. They all support some kinda workarounds, and then complexities...
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    Impose 5.5x8.5 saddle stitch booklet 2 up for 11 x 17 for digital

    Not sure exactly what your issue is. Are you referencing that because of the larger page size you need to figure out the difference for using smaller page counts when creating signatures,(which complicate bindery) verses creating larger page signatures? What part is the stumbling point?
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    Prinergy Replacement

    CSS Group's DataManager covers the prepress functionality that you have been using with Printergy. PDF files have become the norm for receiving jobs, and DataManager provides tools that are designed to provide all the layers of integration from the ingestion of file receipt (FTP sites included)...
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    Move from Prinergy to XMF

    I think to properly answer the question is based upon are you working with flat, folded, or bound work, and within flat work for instance can break into reprint verses new orders, ) packaging, blister cards, cards, inserts, etc) and workflows to incorporate receipt of graphics form outside...
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    Moving from Trueflow SE 7.3 to a new Prepress system

    What type of work do you do primarily? Bound, Folded Flat, are you doing reprints with changes? Can and do you use layout templates? do you need to do any nesting? Do you want to consider doing gang forms? These systems all handle work differently, and based upon what you specialize in, some are...

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