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    M1 Mac with Monterey

    We've been using original (1st version) M1 MacMinis with Monterey for some months now. There are no problems, they're working as intended. My only observation is that they're not really faster than the previous (Intel) versions - in practical, everyday use they're just like a usual, incremental...
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    Suppress "blue turns purple problem" in color data

    Thank you, very interesting.
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    Fiery for Konica Bizhub 1060 can't see network

    This is an IP address collison problem. Either set all the workstations back to DHCP, or set everything to static IP addresses, but in this case you have to write down meticulously all the workstations' addresses, to avoid collision. In both cases the server should have a static IP address.
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    The Road Less Travelled

    "Waaaay before somebody told me that if I do something, and I do it with passion, there will be customers, eventually. Was it BS?"
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    There are specialized machinery to do that - actually working on the principle what you've described. The low-cost solution is to use a lot of sheer manpower, basically performing the gluing and the sticking by hand.
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    Epson 7800 Printing Issues, Please Help!

    Check if the ink is actually flowing into the head. Looks like the head tries to print, but there is no ink feed to do that.
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    Indesign Question?

    What is the server? Using what protocol to connect? PC or Mac?
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    Adobe moving away from the US

    I hope their adventure in India will turn out better than Quark's. From another angle: this is a clear sign of how important the graphic industry is in the revenue basket of the shareholders.
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    Adobe Performance...

    That is, if you're into update. Now it's almost unavoidable to dance as Adobe whistles, but please, be honest: are there ANY new features (since InDesign CS4) which will break your workflow, if removed? I'm doing heavyweight prepress for 32 years now, and: I would be more than happy to live...
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    Any Switch Users?

    I think there are (almost) no limits what you can do with this software, especially if you buy into the Configurator and the Scripting module. Do whatever you want, in the backoffice. What is missing is a true, configurable user portal. The current one is good for providing in-house services but...
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    Entertainment Weekly and InStyle to Cease Print Publication,

    Yes, that 'data-drivenness' is the established idea behind the migration of advertising to the online platforms. Yet all the companies who tried to base a mid- or longterm strategy on this idea, failed (at least here). I can't remember a positive example. One of my customers doing that and to be...
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    Entertainment Weekly and InStyle to Cease Print Publication,

    If you read the whole article - and click the suggested other article on the topic - it's clear that things don't have to be that way. "Poorly written articles with misleading, clickbait titles", "Articles which resemble to PR coming out from moviemakers". So, the problem is not print, but the...
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    Color Management/Workflow Questions

    There is no visual difference. If I remember right, there is a setting if you want to 'automatize' this step. By clicking the appropriate checkbox, the DFE will use the embedded profile (or the Output Intent) as a source profile. Of course it does a great job ruining an otherwise perfect job...
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    Best Solution for building Automation

    The question is what level of automation you need, and what experience you have wiring things together. Most of the task mentioned can be implemented by a talented web programmer. The crucial part is the preflight, which can be done with your existing CTP RIP, but getting the result out of it...
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    Color Management/Workflow Questions

    The key is simplicity here, no need to overcomplicate things. Fiery can and will convert colors, and you have some controls over this process. Problem is, your real proof of the outcome of this conversion is when you print a copy of the publication. In today's cut-throat business environment you...
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    Color Management/Workflow Questions

    Try to export PDF/X-1a files out of CorelDraw. That way Corel has to do the color conversion to CMYK (as PDF/X-1a does not allow RGB colors) and resolves all transparency situations. The advantage of this is that you can check everything in Acrobat, before printing. For a bulletproof workflow...
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    Best Solution for building Automation

    Please try to elaborate more about the possible scenarios, then we can come up with some suggestions. Eg.: Service selected on a Web portal --> Files submitted into a Cart --> Files+Metadata sent to backoffice --> Preflight needed --> Revision handling --> Imposition --> Printing --> Parcel...
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    Duplo PFI Bind 2000 PUR

    Try to contact the OEM here: RIGO | Tool and mould production
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    Adobe CS3 w/o online activation

    That's a most interesting statement. AFAIK up until version CS6 Adobe CS were sold with "lifetime" licenses, so Adobe does not have the right to revoke the usability via intentionally blocking the access to activate.
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    Suppress "blue turns purple problem" in color data

    How to use this tool for practical purposes? Can I calculate a superior FOGRA XX profile from the original dataset with iccGPU?

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