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  1. Craig

    Pink? Yep. Pink.

    I prefer Luscious...
  2. Craig

    Xerox Claiming End Of Life for my Xerox C75 in 1 year.

    FWIW - The end of life for the 1000i was due to the Windows OS running the interface being at EOL by Microsoft. It could be something as stupid as that. As long as you can get parts and have a comfort level of running a 5.5mm driver then by all means go for it!
  3. Craig

    Digital Envelope printer Info

    You'll still fight the bent corners of the envelope dragging on the ink heads. Envelopes MUST be absolutely FLAT or they mark on the lead or trail edge. Believe me I put over 2 million envelopes through ours before we got the Ijet 1175P.
  4. Craig

    Color really is an illusion

    OK, that's cool! Alan - Thanks for the sample!!
  5. Craig

    Customer file submission

    We tell them what's wrong and if they want us to fix it we bill in 1 hour increments. They didn't want to pay for design service and want us to quote print ready files. We only except PDF's.
  6. Craig

    Canon Introduces Mixed Matte & Gloss Finish On A Single Print

    Should be moved to Wide Format as it pertains to the Colorado.
  7. Craig

    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    Check this out, finally mainstream.
  8. Craig

    Best envelope printer?
  9. Craig

    Basic Imposition Software

    How much does it cost? I didn't see that listed, just the try it for free.
  10. Craig

    Recent quote on Iridesse?

    When we had the 1000i we used clear for logo overlays as security feature. Don't try to do clear on dark colors, it doesn't even show. I will say the Ricoh C7210 clear stands out more than Xerox. Plus the colors are ALOT cheaper than what Xerox raped us for. I got 5 special Ricoh colors for...
  11. Craig

    Recent quote on Iridesse?

    If you think the multi pass clear will substitute thermo you will be disappointed. It never registers 100% and you can barley feel the difference. The techs will not support multi pass registration issues either. Oh, and don't forget about background toning with multipass. Now that being said...
  12. Craig

    Mail Inserter Advice

    Ask them if the service maxes out at a specified volume. We had a 90i that had 3 million cycles but was still a current model and they would no longer support it because it was at the end of life volume wise. It's been a few years but I think we needed a new drive motor and they wouldn't support it.
  13. Craig

    Ricoh or Konica

    Ricoh C7210. Every manufacture is having supply issues. Xerox got so out of hand we got rid of two machines and went Ricoh.
  14. Craig

    small print shop services?

    So the envelope printers are all based on print quantity and how much you are willing to spend. iJet has some nice products and we have the 1175 Pro with the HP heads. Works like a champ, cost is +$60,000. The wide format is going to be a challenge. The Canon is an aqueous printer and will have...
  15. Craig

    Anyone need Xerox 1000i 5th color parts?

    Not 100% sure - I t looks like the toners have different part numbers online. I also have full Gold (1), Silver(2) and a Nearly full Clear I'll sell cheap too for the 1000.
  16. Craig

    Anyone need Xerox 1000i 5th color parts?

    We got rid of our 1000i and still have the parts for Gold, Silver and Clear. If anyone needs them PM me and we can discuss.
  17. Craig

    aftermaket toner from konica

    Had the same issue with the "H" toner and ghosting images. The tech showed me a tech pub that sad to remove the toner bottle, replace with an empty and run 99,999 solid black sheets to drain the hopper. I asked him where his paper was to do this and he said we are supposed to supply and ample...
  18. Craig

    Xerox Toner Shortages-Anyone Else Having Problems?

    Moved away from Xerox altogether. Started having issues with the ColorPress parts. Called my Xerox guy and he said Irridesse were having same issues and he spends most of the day chasing complaints on part availability.
  19. Craig

    Stumped trying to run numbered multi-page PDF on NCR

    Just print the number of copies equal to the number of NCR parts and Group the output. Almost too easy.
  20. Craig

    Envelope Printer Experiences

    No, I stayed away from Memjets because of that and water based inks. Real world is about 8600 to 9000 if you run them landscape. Color matching has not really been an issue. We have the designers use Pantone Coated colors when possible especially for corporate brands. The ability to tweak colors...

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