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  1. Craig

    Anyone need Xerox 1000i 5th color parts?

    We got rid of our 1000i and still have the parts for Gold, Silver and Clear. If anyone needs them PM me and we can discuss.
  2. Craig

    Anyone running into CMS compliance?

    I received a letter from one of the hospitals we do printing for. They state as a vendor we may fall under CMS compliance for vaccine mandates. I feel that is incorrect as we would fall under OSHA if anything and they have suspended their ETS. We do have one hospital with desktop delivery, but...
  3. Craig

    Print 19 Sunday

    Did they recently drop Sunday the 6th? I sware it was on the website the other day.
  4. Craig

    USPS List Prep Question

    All of you who run mailing lists through CASS/DPV software I have a question. How much correcting are you doing of addresses that are deemed undeliverable by the software? When we first started our thought process was make the corrections we can without charging since it would equate to more...
  5. Craig

    Fiery slow to communicate on startup with Xerox 1000i

    Whenever we re-start the firey we have issues with slow communication between the engine and RIP. When Fiery Ticker/Command Workstation starts it will show our paper catalog but fails to show the ink levels. Usually takes a half hour before the ink levels appear. If you try to print before that...
  6. Craig

    fiery loses communication with xerox 1000i

    Has anyone else experienced this? The Fiery will lock up and need re-started. Once it re-starts the paper catalog will show up but the ink levels do not. In this state there is no communication between the Fiery and the 1000. Usually after a period of time the ink levels will show up and all is...
  7. Craig

    My Ricoh 8120 is racest!

    I have come to the conclusion the Ricoh 8120 only like to print on white paper. It has the most convoluted paper catalog I have ever seen. I have followed and even had the techs program "colored paper settings" that are useless. Every time it jams right at the fuser entrance. Skew and double...
  8. Craig

    Anyone run 9x12 envelopes on their Xerox 1000?

    Just checking to see if anyone had any success. These are 28lb Catalog envelopes if it helps.
  9. Craig

    1000I Gold and Silver Ink

    So Xerox US has the cost at $660.00 each. What are others paying?
  10. Craig

    Fiery Lock Up

    Anyone experiencing the RIP locking up? We have had new hard drives, and system software reloaded several times. The RIP will start but when Command Workstation loads it freezes and locks up the RIP. Sometimes a restart will work, other times not. Going to attempt Command Workstation from a...
  11. Craig

    Does anyone have a...

    Plockmatic BM500 or the Morgana AF500 that they can give feedback on? These are the offline 2 drawer models.
  12. Craig

    Xerox 800/1000 image registration

    So our 1000 has out of the blue decided to bounce lead to tail by 2mm in either direction. The tech has replaced about everything but still no luck. Anyone else experience this?
  13. Craig

    Hey Xerox 800/1000 owners/users

    Has anyone been plagued with the jam code 077-119? My tech has been chasing this sucker for a few weeks now and today it's happening every hundred sheets or so. Thanks!!
  14. Craig

    KM1200 and Carbonless Paper

    Does anyone running KM1200's have issues with carbonless paper effecting the drums and cleaning blades? We run Nakoosa Universal and when we run more than a few hundred sheets we almost always have to pull the cleaning unit out to clean off the blade. My tech keeps telling me we can't run...
  15. Craig

    Does your KM C6000....

    Does it show the toner levels either on the UI or from Command Workstation? Does it show in the UI the progression of the job (minutes left, number printed)? We had one installed as a second box to our Xerox and none of these are showing. My tech said they won't but I am not to sure about this...
  16. Craig

    Thompson T100 Feeder

    Anyone have an operators manual for a T100 in PDF form that you would pass along?
  17. Craig

    Address Correction Question

    For those that do mailing, I have a question. After you run the list through your mailing software, how do you handle the undeliverable addresses? Do you make every effort to correct them or do you just not address them? We seem to get some pretty crappy data files from customers, we have made...
  18. Craig

    Digital transition....

    I am a mostly digital shop, we do have a ABDick 9870 for small 1 and 2 color work. I am noticing that my runs on my xerox 8000AP are getting a bit longer and almost all are static prints, no VDP. So my question is, I am thinking about transitioning to a 4 color offset but I am a bit befuddled...
  19. Craig

    Toner on National Back Order

    How the hell can toner be on a national back order from Xerox??? What's up with that... someone forget to show up at work to make sure there was enough being made? :confused:
  20. Craig

    Ink Usage?

    I'm new to this world so don't be too harsh. I have been searching for some way to estimate ink usage in order to be able to price simple sign/banners. How do you determine $x/sq ft?

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