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    Xante Impressia

    Hello everyone I have a Xante Impressia that is doing something odd. I am printing some regular Simple Seal env It keeps leaving some residue on the back of the back of the envelope, it rubs off with enough scratching. I would appreciate any help.
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    Mylar tabs on Ricoh 9200 /7200

    I have used a Ricoh 8120 and a Ricoh C9210 and a Xerox 1000 with tabs. Here's the deal the problem is with the tabs. The coating and the toner do not like each other it is a charge issue. You can adjust the voltage lower in the advanced settings. You can also just try reducing the density. It is...
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    Need hp indigo printer - Los Angeles area

    We have one down in Bryan Texas. If your interested you can call 9797791234 you can ask for Kyle Arn. Or you can send me a email at
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    my Impressia jamming

    I have used a Xante Impressia for a while now. Since you have already replaced the feed rollers it kinda rules out that option. Although depending on workflow may require more frequent replacement. The problem is most likely in the envelope itself. If you load to much in the tray it will most...
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    Flawless BW production printer

    The better question is what company can offer the best service plans for your needs. You will not fine a machine anywhere that will not need maintenance. However there are companies like HP and Xerox that will train you to replace everything yourself, this can reduce cost of paying a service...
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    I need a new B&W machine, opinions on the Titan?

    I have never personally used a Cannon oce Titan. However Iv'e heard they are good. I do have years of experience working with Ricoh and Xerox. I have a Ricoh Pro 8120 and C9210. I used a Xerox 1000 for many years as well. I personally recommend Ricoh for B&W to meet basic to advanced printing needs.
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    Trouble Shoot

    So we have a HP Indigo 7500. We have to replace the Computer chip board that sits inside of the tank. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? This is the board we need to replace. We would appreciate any help. Thanks in Advance
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    Full press sheet size Digital Presses

    Yeah I'm just curious to see if anyone has any and just to hear about the experience.
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    Full press sheet size Digital Presses

    This is a topic all about Digital presses that can run full press sheets. I know the Indigo 12k and the Landa S10 are pretty impressive. Does anyone have any of these machines and if so how well do they really work?
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    Indigo 12000

    Just curios if anyone has the Indigo 12000. What is the experience like?
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    Ricoh 9100

    That's pretty interesting we have a Xante impressia and yeah I do not really like it. I feel like the 9100/9200 is the best way to go its fast has good quality and seems to be pretty reliable. Adding on the ability to run envelopes successfully will basically remove the need for the Xante.
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    xerox iridesse

    Well thank you for that response that does help.
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    xerox iridesse

    Hello I was just curios on if anyone has the Xerox Iridesse. What is your experience with it? Is it worth getting? What are the pros and cons of it?
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    Ricoh 9100

    I was just curios on weather anybody has the Ricoh 9100. What is your experience with it? Is it worth getting? What are the pros and cons?
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    Interposer tray issues

    Hello I have a Rich 8120 Pro I am trying to print a book while inserting pre printed covers from the Interposer tray. The problem is that I cannot get it to actually sense the covers persay. So here is what is happening I set everything up in the imposition then when I proof print it after...
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    Xante Impressia trouble shoot

    Yeah I tried that I've also cleaned the Fuser and the entire paper path.
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    Xante Impressia trouble shoot

    So I have a Xante Impressia I was trying to run some A6 and A2 Envelopes after running I noticed that on the lead edge of the envelope there was some left over ink but it never went away you would think it would fade out eventually but it did not. These were double sided so it was easiest to...
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    Xante Impressia

    Yeah I ran some tests it is definitely the Fuser I also tried a higher GSM setting although that didn't accomplish much. Over all I did get allot out of this fuser. Maybe I'll get a warranty to save money.
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    Using Slip Sheets in Properties

    Yeah we did some more experiments and new insert works just fine for what we wanted.
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    Xante Impressia

    Hello I have a Xante Impressia it appears I have some Ghosting pretty bad. It starts the first one fine but then doesn't fuse the next one correctly and therefore starts ghosting on the front and back. My impression counts says that its a little below halfway. So it should still be in good...

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