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  1. Dario

    GMG, ORIS, EFI, ... what else?

    Please tell which one is your favourite, and also why. ...verbose answers only ;)
  2. Dario

    color check 101

    Hi all, just a general question... How do you manage your color consistency in your printing environment? Do you fingerprint every press run setup? Then you use those icc profiles to color proof? And then what? How often do you check your machines? What do you do to check the colors on the...
  3. Dario

    Any pdf 2.0 viewer/reader within sight?

    Any pdf 2.0 viewer/reader within sight?
  4. Dario

    check Output Intents in Acrobat

    Hi there Is there some good soul who could help me to understand how to do this?? Re: How to check Output Intents in a preflight profile I really don't understand how to create that brand new check in Acrobat!
  5. Dario

    too much ICC profiles!

    Hi there while using Photoshop I noticed too many ICC profiles on the menu... ...most of which I don't use nor need! I checked the OxS /Library/ColorSync/ folder but they are not there! I don't know how to delete the surplus! Any help?
  6. Dario

    from Positive to Negative plates

    About ctp plates, what problems could arise migrating from positive plates (kodak electra) to negative plates (kodak sonora)? TVI curve problems maybe? Never done this before 🙁
  7. Dario

    Duotone ... how?

    Hi all! This is not strictly 'color management' but... The other day I faced an issue while my press man colleague was printing a B&W image - the issue was I remembered that in the old days (20 years ago, on 2 color presses) I/we used to create a custom duotone from B&W images using Photoshop...
  8. Dario

    processless ...or not?

    I'd like to know which kind of ctp plates are used by the world - processless or not? Then if you also want to leave a comment about brand, the "why", pros&cons, etc... Press operators all welcome!
  9. Dario

    Pantone: + or not?

    HI! What are the differences between PANTONE+ and NOT PLUS ? I guess the plus is older than V4 - the CMYK values are different too ...but what else?
  10. Dario

    How to explain "overprint" to dumb clients?

    Hi all! I'm trying to explain to: Customer care colleagues, sales agents, ignorant customers ...the importance of activating "overprint preview" in Acrobat, but all of them can't even think in terms of ink overlays, so they don't understand. I'm looking for a metaphor, or an analogy, to try to...
  11. Dario


    Hi Folks! Here are some "white" elements on a black background. If you open the PDF using OsX Preview then you can see them, otherwise not. But they are not the usual "white overprint"! I can't figure out how they are made! How about you?
  12. Dario

    How are ICCs going on design?

    (I hope the choice to put this poll here to be wise enough) This question raised from the fact that designers continue to send us jobs without knowing what an ICC profil is. So what is your experience on it? Mine is wide... They give us file using all the options I set in the poll. For...
  13. Dario

    ILLUSTRATOR lost font

    Have you ever opened a file in ILLUSTRATOR and then, after saving it as AI+PDF, realized that some font had not been embedded correctly? And then, simply by opening and resaving, the problem disappeared?
  14. Dario

    ISO 20654

    Generally speaking about printing spot inks screens... How do you deal with it? Do you use ISO 20654 somehow? Do you press-proof every spot ink before running tha actual job? A single TVI curve for everything? What else? ... Whatever to talk about is well accepted! :)
  15. Dario

    "white base: absolute" ?

    Hi there! A client of ours sent us his color reading specs where you can also read: "white base: absolute" (see screenshot). Pity my English is not so skilled! How do you interpret that? The actual substrate must be white? Or there must be a white backing under the measured sample? Or what...
  16. Dario

    Speaking behind Pantone's back

    Just yesterday a customer complained because he asked us to print the Pantone xyz C: our press-man did it, but the paper was not the same as the colorguide, so the result was not what the customer expected. (I was not involved before, otherwise I would have seen this bitch coming!). Until a few...
  17. Dario

    cxf freeware ?

    Is there some freeware to play around with cxf files? Osx? Win? Something free, to read files, to read lab or spectral values by i1pro, to save files, ... ...because I have the very old hardware, but the very old software ain't supported no more by new Os!
  18. Dario

    revive old i1Pro

    Hello there, I've inherited an old i1Pro device and now I'm trying to revive it. I've already installed i1share_v1.4 on a Win7 PC and now I'm trying to link it but the right driver seems missing. The auto-update driver feat doesn't work (it IS old!) Maybe should I link it to an older WinXP? Any...
  19. Dario

    Which dot shape?

    (just a poll) Which dot shape to prefer in offset printing? ...and why? Somebody told me Euclidean, some other said Round, etc. (this image is just an example)
  20. Dario

    How to Pantone on colored papers?

    Hi there, I'd like to ask you about your working methods... I have clients that come here asking to print some XYZ Pantone on yellowish, or blueish, or grayish papers (not the white one used in the color guides)... Maybe the Pantone they ask for is "C" and the colored paper is kind of "U" too...

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