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    Ink where it shouldn't be, plate blinding?

    If a plate is allowed to run for too long with insufficient dampening, so as to run with an inked non image area, it is common for that area to become sensitized and continue to take ink even after damp feed is increased.
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    Are Some PMS Colors Easier To Hit Than Others?

    late to the party but as long as the Pantone color in question is stand alone, with no overprinting or edge trapping, you will find color to be much more manageable, if the inks were mixed opaque!!!
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    Web Press "Step" program for registration?

    Considering the wide variations in paper qualities companies choose to print on I can not see a one size fits all solution to this problem.
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    Heidelberg CD, Man Roland 505, KBA Rapida 75, Ryobi 755 - 29" format

    It is possible to get 19"x25" with the grain oriented in its long direction. As long as youve got a cutter large enough to handle it, you can purchase your stock 38"x50" and quarter it. Using a sharp knife and back trimming all non factory cut edges would of course be a MUST.
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    Specs for a 4 Color Press

    My first and best suggestion would be to go with a 5/c press as opposed to a 4/c. The additional unit will ad much flexibility to the process. As far as LED vs Conventional curing I would say that unless your planning to print on non pours substrates like metallic foil and synthetic plastic...
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    Paper with silver coating for packaging

    Ive been retired for the last 7 years so Im not sure who is still standing these days.
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    Reverse curl issues within the shop.

    Are we talking digital or sheetfed? If sheetfed I too would be looking first at the shops climate. You indicate that the RH is well under control. My next thing would be to be sure that the presses de curler if so equipped, was not causing the reverse call. Lastly I would be looking at...
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    About spray powder

    My one and only UV experience was years ago when UV curing on a sheetfed press was in its infancy. What I recall about that experience was that as long as your rich black process builds are set with good UCR curves you could make full stacks in the delivery, with ZERO bricking or setoff issues...
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    Does Color Really Make a Difference?

    As a 35 plus year sheetfed veteran, your post bring to mind a sad reminder of the direction that our industry has taken. The transition of our industry from a highly skilled trade, with well paid craftsmen, to the fully digital world that replaced it has left many missing the "good ole days"...
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    Incorrect Thickness Discussion

    Print length should not be an issue as the packing Alibryan suggests is under the blanket. To have an effect on print length the packing change would need to be under the plate on a sheetfed press. Even if there was a change in print length, it would be minor. An additional .004"of packing on...
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    Incorrect Thickness Discussion

    The reduced thickness of plates brings to mind a few different unsettling possibilities. First off it is NOT consistent with what you agreed upon. Years ago this wouldn't be as much a problem as it is today because you could just make up caliper difference with paper packing. Most modern...
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    Ink Rub-Resistance Testing

    Be sure to also test rub resistance with coating applied as well as without coating.
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    Conventional IML

    If UV is not an option,IML will work best with an oxybind or high solids inkset, along with an aqueous coating formulated for non porous substrates.
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    Light shades in non printing areas when using IPA free fountain solution

    Should also be noted that in addition to running the correct, and clean press chemistry, it is also of importance that the plate processor is set up and maintained properly. Ive seen the very problem you described traced back to a failure to keep pate processors clean, and replenished as per...
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    After the Consultant

    How many times ive seen consultants come in and make recommendations that a companies existing employees have been recommending for years. Upper managements inability to change is usually the cause. Its either perceived as too costly, or too time consuming. So much easier to point accusatory...
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    Some quality issue questions

    As far as dusting the sheet either before or during printing, i will say this.... Ive seen it greatly improve paper debris problems, and Ive also seen it do more harm, as a result of loosening up particles. Sizing of the paper can have the same effect. If you must size the sheet it is my...
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    SM52 Plate thickness

    have you considered installing permapaks on all of your plate cylinders?
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    Some quality issue questions

    The defects, as mentioned, could come from many possible places. The most likely would be from the stock. Did you spec a particular stock, and if so was it a premium branded sheet? Did your printer say or imply that they would provide the paper, and that it would be of a known quality? Was...
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    Algae in the Water System

    Most modern fountain solutions have an algicide mixed into their formula. If its not enough, you might ask the manufacturer to either mix you a special batch with more in it, or get suggestions from them as to what to use.

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