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    Good to be back

    So nice to be allowed to come back. I apologize to the original poster for my off topic rant. Would have been nice if was given a friendly reminder before banning me, especially considering that my obviously controversial subject matter was the most lively discussion this sub forum has seen...
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    Fuji LHPI plates?

    About 3 months ago we switched over from an Agfa plate we were running with no problems to a Fuji LHPI plate on our late model Mitsubishi Diamond. Since then we've experienced a myriad of problems we never had before. Some of these problems are persistent and some are intermittent issues. On...
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    Seeks Supervisor or pressman position

    Hey fellas, Im a seasoned sheetfed guy thats lookin for either a pressroom supervisors position or a lead spot on multicolor sheetfed press. Im mostly a Heifelberg guy but ive run other presses and can learn anything. Also very mechanically inclined and can do many press repairs. Shift...
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    sheetfed supv. or multicolor pressman

    my name is tom and am presently located in the northeast. im seeking a position as either a pressroom supervisor or as a multicolor pressman in a sheetfed plant. my experience is mostly with heidelberg presses but have also worked on other brands. im over 25 years experienced as a lead...

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What about Profitability?
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