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    Binuscan cms server

    does anyone have an opinion about the binuscan cms server and workflow? I'd be grateful if I saw reviews about it... also, what kind of investment are we talking about? Thank you
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    Fuji RIP + grand sherpa proofer

    Will fuji rip support Mutoh RJ 8000 or falcon 2 for low resolution?
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    Celebrant 6.1 | Media Profiler

    While printing from Celebrant 6.1 Fuji RIP to our Epson sherpa proofer 9880, the lowest clickable resolution is 300 dpi (which is too high for a low resolution proof). How can we create a lower resolution in the Media Profile Characteristics of Media Profiler 6.1 ? many thanks
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    Black Magic

    anyone ever used BlackMagic? do you recommend it? we faced problem with the Fuji RIP calibration, it can only be done manually while trying to calibrate it on Epson 9880. We were told BlackMagic would solve that problem.
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    Calibrating the Epson 9880 proofer with a FUJI RIP

    We operate on a FUJI CTP. We decided to purchase a new proofer to complement our old one (Sherpa) to which we send files directly from our Agfa Apogee system. The most logical solution was to find a proofer that can directly operate from the Fuji RIP to avoid making the job twice. We were...
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    Fuiji Plates Uneven Quality results Faced

    while running some tests on different Fuji plates (v1), we have experienced (CTP) uneven results in the percentage of ink coverage. What may appear to be 20% in some areas goes up to 35% in other areas. While Fuji experts are running some tests to find out what the problem is exactly, I would...

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