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    Best envelope printer?

    We had our iJet1175 Pro installed earlier this week and it's exceeding expectations. The speed and ease of use compared to our previous Oki is borderline ridiculous. We have had no misfeeds out of the feeder and ran a wide array of test envelopes over the last few days. One thing is the inkjet...
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    Best envelope printer?

    I just purchased the iJet 1175p with the HP heads and it will be installed next Monday. I was impressed in our demo all around and the DFE was also impressive. Hoping to get it straight into production so I can report back. Printware has also been really good to work with.
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    Xante Enpress New Drum uses Fuse Blow to reset counters

    Our Oki C931 has a similar system. With Oki you can put it into a "Factory Mode" (I believe that's the name) and it bypasses all counters. Most likely frowned upon by Oki but it has got us back up and running in a bind. Maybe your service technician can direct you if Xante has something similar?
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    Indigo 12000

    We run an Indigo 12000 and love it. Maintenance is really what you make of it. If you're high volume your morning start up could be a bit longer with cleaning BID rollers and bases. Our weekly and monthly maintenance you can tend to schedule. Our press is always regarded as well maintained and...

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What about Profitability?
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