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    Strange Photoshop/Illustrator behavior

    I have a multi-layered PSD file, that when placed into an Illustrator doc, some elements in the PSD file disappear. When placing the file, if I choose to flatten the art, is when it happens, however, if I choose the other option to "Convert layers to objects", it does so without issues. Has...
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    PMS in a vector smart object

    I have Illustrator files supplied by a customer. Placed within this Illustrator file, is a PSD which contains vector smart objects. Some of the elements within these smart objects need to be converted to a PMS color. But when I edit the smart object to the single PMS color, and update the PSD...
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    Random ArtPro crashing

    I am running ArtPro 8.6 rev2, on OS X 10.4.11. The error I receive is: "Severe error: UnmappedMemoryException (4)) There is nothing in the file aside from black text, all converted to outlines. Importing the file on another ArtPro station yields no problems. All of our Macs are configured...

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