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    Don hutcheson's equations and npdc graphs, and color management

    Hello all, My name is Don Isbell, Jr. I have not been in prepress or printing for about a year now (I am now a Forex trader, Don Isbell, Jr. | LinkedIn), but was looking at an Excel document that I made years ago, and converted to Apple Numbers. Background: I've kept up with GRACoL since its...
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    G7 gray balance

    I made spreadsheet that automates the manual fangraph paper method (not that I recommend anyone doing it. I'd recommend IDEAlink Curve2, but I built my own and it works). I got to where I'm about to do the calibration run to get to paper dependent solid and overprint Lab value targets (within...
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    Paper type # 4 G7 ICC profile needed

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share the beta ICC profile for paper type # 4 (produced using the G7 method). I was wanting to move to FOGRA47 since it replaced FOGRA27, but when soft-proofing, I get a cast in the grays and would prefer to trying to match an uncoated G7 profile...
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    This is either a joke, or a good look at the backwardness of marketing

    I got an email, so I thought I'd share the joke. Here's what it said: "There's still one last chance Due to overwhelming demand, the Buy One Get One Free promotion has been extended until February 28. So if you missed out on this fantastic offer, there's still time to claim a FREE copy of...
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    What color temperature produces a white patch at Lab 95,0,-2?

    This is theory, so please hear me out. It may be rubbish, but I believe all good things started as theory. I figure since GRACoL2006_Coated1v2, FOGRA39, and now FOGRA47 all share the same Lab values for paper white, that there is only one color temperature (say between 5000K and 6500K) that...
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    GRACoL 7 - spectro with UV at end of name

    Hello all, Hoping to have feedback from G7 Experts. I have not studied GRACoL in a couple years, but last time I did, I had entered a proof from our proofing system into IPA Proofing RoundUp. The proof did not fall within tolerances. I believe it was because of the UV filter on my DTP41BUV...
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    Quark 8.1 native transparency in PDF export?!

    QuarkXPress 8 - What's New Am I seeing things or did Quark actually make the right move? Don
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    Nexus raster trapping vs TotalRip's PDF trapping

    Hello all, I've read that when using TotalRip from EskoArtwork, that it's a lot slower processing a file than NexusRip. I like NexusRip because: 1. I can send PDF/X-1a to it all day long with no speed problems. 2. It has the best automatic trapping I have seen. I only had one instance when I...
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    Virtualizing prepress department, and monitor recommendation

    Hello all, Well, my Mac at work finally died. Lasted 10 years. Got a new Mac Pro 8 core that I'm planning on virtualizing the main prepress system from the old machine or installing Snow Leopard in virtualization (more likely) and installing from scratch Adobe and Quark), and then doing the...
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    Adobe GRACoL profile doesn't match GRACoL profile

    I plugged in the Lab numbers for Adobe's GRACoL profile (CoatedGRACoL2006.icc, named Coated GRACoL 2006 (ISO 12647-2:2004) in Color Settings) into a calculator I made a few years ago that I made to fix plate curves between printing conditions. When I saw the differences, I saw that Adobe's...
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    Printing Office transparency and brightness and contrast

    Hello everyone, For the life of me, I can't get an acceptable workaround to print Microsoft Publisher transparency nor Microsoft Word objects that use Brightness and Contrast. I use PDFMaker plugin to get Adobe to make the PDF. Maybe I'm wrong in these instances by doing this. The Microsoft...
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    Best noise setting in InDesign CS3?

    To get around banding/hard edge problem I'm having on a job, could someone recommend the best Noise setting to be used in the Effect in InDesign CS3? Thanks, Don
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    Hard edges and InDesign Effects

    I have an InDesign job that I ran through Nexus 7.5. After the job was printed, the customer wanted to reprint because of a type change. While they were looking at the printed piece, they also noticed hard edges where the art should have went to 0 (fade). So we have to reprint the whole job...
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    Best Mac Pro as of today

    For prepress, I need to buy new Mac Pros. Just wandering the pros and cons of the configurations available. Note: I will be using the Mac Pro to run OS X, a Windows rip (Nexus), and a proofing rip (CromaPro) all at the same time (probably via VMware Fusion or Parallels). Any advice...
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    Nexus proofing problem

    Hello, Are there any of you out there that use Nexus 8.0 or above and proof to a Sherpa2? After upgrading to Nexus 8 and it's updates, my proofing on my Sherpa2 started having streaks in it. When I called AWS about it, they said that that module was given by Agfa. Other than that, they put me...
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    Microsoft Word 2003 not showing faux bold

    I have a job I have edited multiple times, and each time I've not had a problem. These same fonts I've used before are what I'm using now. The same Word doc I archived I am opening now. The problem font is Gautami and Gautami Bold (made by using Bold Style in Word on font that has no bold as far...
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    Quark 7 is a lying piece of crap software when it comes to RGB color

    I hate Quark. I beta tested Quark 7, let them know the issues, and they have gone through 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 without fixing these issues. For instance, one issue I find egregious is the fact Quark is lying to their customers with their previews. If I place an untagged RGB in Quark 7 (or...
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    PANTONE Goe, ColorSync Utility Calculator, most accurate color reproduction

    I saw a question about how to get the right color on The question was concerning RGB, but I have a job in today (one of the rare ones that actually use Photoshop 4 Default CMYK ICC profile for everything, and really I just need to get with this customer and...

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