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    Toshiba Tec CA4W UV printheads for sale

    Toshiba Tec CA4W UV printheads for sale in great shape 10 heads available still installed in arizona 350 XT can send online printnozzle test Ask for price
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    Muller martini Sigma perfect binding line for sale year 2007

    Müller Martini Sigma perfect binder from 2007 Machine is in excellent condition. Counter only 400 000 books binded Perfect for digital book production roll to stack. Manufacturer: Müller Martini Type: Sigma Year of manufacturing: 2007 Mechanical speed: 500 to 1000 cycles Product size range Book...
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    Man Roland 304 CPL bar for sale

    Man Roland 304 CPL bar for sale
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    Creo Lotem 800 II spare parts for sale

    Creo Lotem 800 II Quantum CTP with MCU sold on parts.
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    Amsky Ausetter 848 U CtcP

    Amsky Ausetter 848 U CTcP Computer to Conventional Plate Machine Year 2014-09-05 Max. plate size: 1130 x 920 mm Min. plate size: 400 x 300 mm UV-sensitive conventional plates Plate Thickness: 0.15 mm~0.3 mm Laser head with 48 UV laser diodes Output Speed: 22 plates 1,030×800 mm per...
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    Dupont Cyrel fast TD 100 + Dupont Cyrel 1000 ECLF exposure unit for sale

    Dupont Cyrel fast TD 100 + Dupont Cyrel 1000 ECLF exposure unit for sale Very atractive price. Mashine are in very good condition for more info
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    Gandiinnovation Jeti *3312 *UV Galaxy grand format printer

    Gandinnovation Jeti 3312 Printing wight 3,2 meter 12 Spectra heads 4 colors Mashine can be tested in production in East Europe Price 7500 Euro Loaded on track or container Can be shiped world wide.
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    Gandiinnovation Jeti  3348  UV Galaxy grand format printer

    Gandiinnovation Jeti 3348 UV Galaxy grand format printer Max wight 3,2 meters 48 “Spectra” Prind heads Max resolution: 1200 dpi - 6 цcolors: CMYK Light Cyan Light Magenta - Max printing speed : 80 м2/hout at max resolution UV curable inks. Printer is in good working condition still in...
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    Oce Arizona 350 XT for sale

    Oce Arizona 350 XT Flat bed UV plotter. Max printing size2x3,05m x 5sm max height . 5 Colors CMYK White Onyx production house Rip V 7 Antistatic bar option. Only 65000 sq meter printed Full service manual free 4 day training Mashine can be unlocked to use non original inks 120 Euro.per...
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    CTP Creo Lotem 800 V for sale

    Fully automatic thermal CTP Creo Lotem 800 V for sale year 2000 Min plate format with GTO option: 457 x 381 mm (18 x 15 in.) min Max. 1,130 x 905 mm (44.5 x 35.6 in.) Rip Brisque 4.1, can be used also as a Tiff catcher with 3th party Rips. IBM Server 2 casetes,Bridge, Online Kodak 850 plate...
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    Autoloader y plate size problem

    Hi, Could you help with explanation how to calibrate autoloader y size on my Screeen 4000 Since couple of days I have on some plates error that y direction on the plate is too long. I have measured the plates and they are equal 745/605. Also the plates that dosnt loaded one time on the...
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    Looking for documentation for Aster 2000

    Hi I am looking for documentatin for programing Aster 2000 sewing maschine year 1993. Can anybody help me/ Thank you in advance. Best Regards Krasimir Georgiev
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    Need Polar 78 E service manual with el. diagrams

    Hi GuyesCould some body help me with service manual for Polar 78 E and electrical diagrams. Thanks .
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    Strange problem with calibration on Screen PT-R 4000

    Hi everybody I have a very starnge problem with my CTP Screen Pt_R 4000 During work maschine said that there is a deviation 5% on some diodes and start calibration after that exposing the plate but when I see the plate is not exposed with corect power (the power is very low).Then I go to...
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    Need intstalation manual for Luscher Xpose 160

    Hi everybody , I need instalation and user manual for Luscher Xpose 160 year 1999.
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    Pif Interface Card question

    Does anyone know for what kind Rip is sutable- Dainippon Screen ADC1 PIF Interface card? Is it possible to use this card with Screen Pt-R 4000 CTP?
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    Driver for Screen PCI FPIF interface card

    Hi everyone does somebody has driver for Screen PCI FPIF card ser number:0036 On the card is written ASY PSB-012. Best Regards Krasimir
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    Need Service manual for Screen pt-r 4000

    Hi, everebody I just have bought Screen pt-r 4000 with TrueFlow 6.0 Rip. Could you Please help me with service , instalation manual and user guide for the Screen. I also need user manual for TrueFlow 6.0 Rip. Thank you in advance.

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