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    Needing to Upgrade to Preps 5.1 - G4 vs. G5

    I am currently running Preps 4.2 on a very old G3 and need to upgrade to Preps 5.1. Only problem is I have a very limited budget to spend. I have a extra G4 that I would like to use but reading the Operating Specs for Preps it says you need a G5. Is that true? If not is there someone out there...
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    Illustrator CS Font Problems

    I have a Illustrator CS file that I am opening in CS3 (do not have CS anymore). I have the clients fonts loaded but they are still coming in as needing to update the threads. Then if I go the the find font section the fonts in the document do not show up until I click on a line of text to update...

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What about Profitability?
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