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    Huge Files in Prinergy

    Does anyone have problems lets say sending a 500mg file or bigger through there Prinergy system? If we send a file that big through it hangs everyone else up or it crashes the system. Is this normal for everyone else? Any input helpful. Thanks, Danni
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    Anyone ever use DesignQuote? Did you get bids? Worth the money? Thanks, Danni
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    Void Pantographs

    Anyone ever deal with setting up and printing Void pantos in different colors? Thanks, Danni
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    Indesign CS2 PC Linking text boxes

    Anyone know how to link text boxes in Indesign? Danni
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    Prinergy & impositions

    In Prinergy after you have opened the job added your pages and created an imposition than realized you have the wrong one lets say. Is there a simple way to just update the imposition rather than having to create new one and delete old imposition and page set?
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    Washington, DC tech Job

    Does anyone have an idea how much a senior delphi programmer would make in Washington, DC? Some of the income websites say 70-83 grand a year. Anyone actually working in the City? Thanks, Danni

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