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    Adobe Certified?

    Today I was looking at the "Adobe Certified" options at Does anyone have any experience with being an Adobe Certified Expert or Professional? +If you are one+, has it proved to be a plus for you professionally? Was the testing tough enough to make the certification worth something...
  2. J

    Mac OS regular maintenance?

    I'm a freelance designer, so I have to be my own IT department. I am interested in what regular maintenance you do on your Mac work stations. I would like to know generally how often you repair permissions, etc. Thanks for any input. Jim
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    Does anyone use Version Cue?

    Is anyone using Version Cue with Adobe's Creative Suite? I tried it for a few months with CS2 and didn't find it helpful. With the CS3 upgrade I didn't even bother to install it. I would like to hear from anyone who uses it regularly. Thanks for your input, Jim

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