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    Trans Path Cannot Be Driven

    AGFA Acento S (Screen 4300-PTR) is giving me an error upon startup. Trans Path cannot be driven PH55 or PH56 is illegal. Can anyone help to resolve this problem?
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    PTR-4300 PH29A does not switch to "ON"

    Is there a fix for getting this mechanical error other than replacing the sensor? The away sensor gives me an error on occasion and sometimes I get the "Plate size incorrect" error. I am using the Azura TS plates and have tried cleaning the sensor. It has just been a recent development. Cleaning...
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    Azura C85 Pump Replacement

    I put a new pump (flojet) in an old Azura C85 (G&J C85) and now the pump comes on immediately when I power the machine on. I now have to force it into "jog" mode and let the entire machine run continuously until all plates are processed. This is obviously not ideal. Any idea which sensors this...

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