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    Help Needed: Printer for 350gsm card

    Thx, very helpful.. i will have a think, mayget Best Regards SKY Thx indeed.. I am running out of sapce now, so wonder whether I have to buy a laminator for greeting cards?
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    Help Needed: Printer for 350gsm card

    thx indeed for your help....will speak to engineer about the high capacity feeder deck You indicate you currently sell greetings cards and want to start producing them in-house. Therefore you know the quality of the finished product you are currently sourcing and that should be the benchmark...
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    Help Needed: Printer for 350gsm card

    Thx I do not think I have the high capacity feeder deck, I use the bypass tray, but still have jam, the problem is paper folded at one corner during printing, not sure what happened.. Do you think versant 280 would be a good choice?
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    Help Needed: Printer for 350gsm card

    Any help would be grateful...I am very new to the printing industry. :) I sell personalised greeting cards on amazon. Currently I use laser to cut artworks and would like to expand our business into printed greeting cards, I am thinking printing around 200 A4 card everyday. I bought an used...

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