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    Xitron Version 11 loading on Windows 10

    Has anyone had success or problems loading Xitron Navigator Version 11 on Windows 10 machines? We are attempting to load on three identical computers with windows 10. One was successful but we have not been able to load on the other two.
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    Heidelberg QM 46 Plate Punch

    I am looking for a plate punch for a 1997 QM 46-2. I have a Ryobi punch available to me and I wondering if anyone has used the Ryobi 3302/3304 punches for the QM 46 presses. I believe they are both set at 220 mm but there could be more to it. Thanks for your replies
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    Canon 7000 move

    I am looking for a technician who could install a used Canon Imagepress 7000VP in Asia. Does anyone have any good contacts for this? Thanks
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    Schneider Seantor 92 oil

    I have just acquired an old schneider snator 92 cutter. Can anyone tell me the type of oil used in this cutter?

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What about Profitability?
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