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    Aqueous Paper on Solvent machine

    Can you use Aqueous Paper on Solvent machine. Seems like all the roll media for eco-solvent machine is gloss or semi-gloss is there a true matte or just heavy bond paper? I can get Aqueous compatible paper like that, but would it work on my solvent machine?
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    Delphax elanâ„¢500

    Does anyone know this machine. Is it designed for transaction printing descent quality but mainly for mailing and billing pieces. Or can it do quality good enough for say digital printers that would run normally a KM 1085, Ricoh, or Canon toner machines? I like the size but not sure if it is...
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    Small Flatbed?

    Making decision on Mimaki Ujf 12 or Roland lef 12 to print on otter box cases. Like features on both not clear on which one. Anyone with experience with both brands with thoughts? I have seen samples and I think both will do job. Easy to use which one? Speed? Reliability? Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Spot color matching?

    I have a fellow printer friend that runs envelopes and did a job for a client two spot colors one was 405 grey. They came back weeks after job and are refusing job because they say the grey is off. He showed me and it is very close I would say it is slightly darker then 404 grey but this is just...
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    UV small flatbed?

    Looking at printer to print on Otter boxes. Mutoh ValueJet 426UF Mimaki UJF-3042 Roland LEF-20 UV All pretty much the same size and do the same thing 4 color with white and coating. Roland is $10,000 more (not sure why) Any thoughts on which one. Any know troubles on any etc... Thanks
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    Morgana DigiFold Pro

    We have had ours for a few years now. And it works good on cover stock. But when it comes to paper weight 100lb gloss. It is inconsistent on several levels. Sometimes it works ok then next day the crease won't match up with the fold. Will have terrible feeding issues I know there are a variate...
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    Konica C8000 toner registration trouble

    Have had my C8000 for 10 months and lately noticed the toner is not registering on every sheet. Sometimes part of sheet is and part is not tech has worked on it twice, he has ordered some part man I hope that fixes it. Anyone else have this issue? Tech fixed today it was some round gear with a...
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    comparison KM 8000 vs Ricoh 901+

    What is the main difference between the two. Can they both run letterheads and will not have trouble with toner coming off if customer runs in laser printer. Anyone have experience with both? Thanks
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    Where to find good maps

    Sometimes I need to get a good map to have in a flyer for customers. Where can you find good maps to print. Google maps and not the best. Any Ideas?
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    Guideline for owner

    I had a new owner of a print shop ask me if I had a guide line on owner to worker expectations. I,m sure every boss is different, but does anyone know if their is a booklet or PDF file. That might have some outlined steps to follow ?
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    Imprint - Stamp on plastic tokens

    Looking for a machine to manually or maybe even automatically imprint on different colored plastic tokes? About the size of a poker chip maybe a bit smaller. Any brand name or company would help be begin research. Thanks
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    Legal ?

    If customer brings a job in and you have a moral or difference of opinion, on the topic the are wanted printed. Is it legal to turn it away? Just wanted some other thoughts we can't agree in our shop.
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    Paper thickness?

    My press specs say maximum thickness .3mm what is that in points 12pt 14pt 16pt 18pt?
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    Inkjet envelope printer (Concept D)

    W+D's Inkjet Envelope Overprint Press think they call it Concept D. Did not make it to graph expo did anyone see this. Any thoughts, and what is the price range.
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    Ricoh pro c751ex

    Just received a pdf brochure on this Ricoh pro c751ex. Is this their new production machine? Or do they have a beefier production machine. It says 1200 x 4800dpi are they smoking something?
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    Mailing list

    Could someone give me a name of a reputable company that sales mailing list. Thanks

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