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    Query - Apogee DigitalPrint Link - Canon C7000

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone else is using DigitalLink in Apogee yet? We have just installed a Canon C7000 and have Canon Link installed. Im curious to see what results other people are getting as ours currently is producing very dark, filled in shadow areas in images. On screen and on...
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    ID3 effects through ApogeeX 4.0 PDF Print Engine

    Hey everyone!! Anyone having trouble submitting PDFs using the new InDesign CS3 effects such as Gradient Feather, etc through the Adobe Print Engine PDF Renderer in ApogeeX? Would have to double check all of the specs of the files, etc, if you need any more info but I just know any PDFs using...
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    NBA Playoffs

    Hi all! Just wondering if anyone here is as big an NBA fan as I am?!? Loving the Playoffs so far this season, my second monitor at work has been occupied by the live ESPN Gamecasts. I'm from Australia so no real team biases here but I would love to see a Lakers v Celtics Finals this year...
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    :Apogee Prepress??

    Hi all, Have any of you seen the Drupa releases from AGFA advertising :Apogee Prepress? Just wondering if anyone has any extra info on this release and whether this is going to replace the current ApogeeX platform? If so I hope we qualify for a free upgrade under our current agreement!! Only...
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    Other ApogeeX Resources

    Hi everyone, Really appreciate all of the info gathered off of these boards... just wondering if any ApogeeX users had a list of any other places on the www they get tips/tricks/resources from. Would be much appreciated if you could let me know... Cheers, Tony
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    Custom PDF Settings...

    Hi all, I hope this is the correct place to post this question. I'm wondering how many people out there have their own PDF Export settings defined and do you pass these onto customers? I've dealt with some companies that do supply custom settings, others that just request a Press PDF with...
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    CS3 Colour Settings Query...

    Hi all, We have recently installed ApogeeX 4.0 and we've set it up to use standard ISO profiles. Wanted to try a standard before going through press profiling, etc. Did press tests yesterday and the proofs produced through ApogeeX on our Epson 7800 match the printed sheet perfectly! We were...

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