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    HLine utility for Kodak Prinergy Workflow

    Dear printing bees, I have recorded the presentation of my last works on the reducing of Preps templates and the process automation. Key ideas are making impositions without Preps (external) and the automation without RBA. The main message is at the very end. Sorry for my bad English and the...
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    Any method to determine finishing gum condition before printing ?

    Hello, is there any method to determine the condition of finishing gum before the printing ? The main interest is how well plates are desensitized. We use Kodak Finisher 850S (acidic) and process plates in advance for 1-2 days, 260-300 square meters per day. It is very not comforting to hear...
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    Thermal plate deletion chemistry for wide areas

    Hi, what kind of chemistry can be used for quick and clean remove the emulsion from 7x200mm area on thermal positive Kodak XD plates. We are pocketbook printer and at some times we need to print on wider web than plates are. Book pages have empty margins and that allows us to produce wider...
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    The linearization of CTP differs per CMYK colors

    Hello, Where could be a problem if a linearized CTP (with the one curve for all colors) makes slightly different halftone on the Magenta plate around 70% and 80% ? Dot shape is round, 175 lpi Angles: Cyan 105.000° (Cyan) Magenta 45.000° (Magenta) Yellow...
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    Career direction advice needed

    What could be good and worth career development direction for person with solid experience in a prepress and as Java developer ? I'm finished training course lead by Java champion and got good package of knowledge to start as Java programmer (core Java, SWING, iTEXT, Applets, Generics, Streams...
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    Fast book scanner for production

    Hi, we are paper back books printer and looking for fast, reliable pocket book scanner for scanning text to b/w format. Any suggestions are appreciated. Saulius
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    Converting grayscale image to C100/M100/Y100/B100

    Hi, is it possible to convert a grayscale pdf to the image with 100% ink in all CMYK channels ? Thank for any suggestions.
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    Any prepress training needed

    Hello, my boss decided to spent some amount of budget to training of prepress division. We don't have any prepress schools, classes or seminars locally in a Lithuania. Maybe somebody knows any training possibility in Europe ? Thank you for any references.

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