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    Acrobat DC - PAINfully SLOW!

    WillAdams, have you tried using ghostscript or imagemagick convert? Results can be hard to match to what Acrobat creates, but sometimes it's quite a bit faster depending on the PDF. Back to kaiserwilhelm's issue. GMC Inspire creates PDFs with an AllAndNone font that has all of the glyphs used...
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    Two Sided Proofing

    Here's another question. Why are you doing imposition proofs? Is it just because that's the way it's always been done since the days of blue lines? Or is your work so varied that all of your book work isn't using standard templates?
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    Net Neutrality and the Printing Industry

    But, people are complaining about tmobile throttling video quality, and verizon/sprint slowing you down after certain unadvertised thresholds. And about ISPs blocking skype. Not having net neutrailty will not play out as packages to access certain content, but it will start with ISPs charging...
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    InDesign CC 2017 lagging issue

    This might be unrelated to InDesign. We get this sometimes when a connection to a server is having issues. If it's semi reproducible, try making the beach ball appear after you've unmounted all network and external drives, and disconnected the ethernet cable.
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    Hardware or Process suggestions?

    I believe the export on InDesign is single threaded. So, more cores wouldn't help much. A faster processor with less cores would actually be faster. A couple things you could try is to not subset fonts (embed fully), and don't downsample or recompress images. I don't have much experience with...
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    I stand corrected. It does look like TrapPro in Harlequin 11 does trap files with transparency without the renderbands error that always showed up in previous versions. Harlequin has always been faster than APPE and even CPSI, I think one of the causes of this is Adobe's CPSI engine had been...
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    Last I checked with Harlequin you couldn't trap files that had transparency.
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    Procedural question regarding PDFs

    At our shop if a client supplies a PDF and native files, we assume the PDF is just for reference and use the natives. Once we export the PDF from the native files we then compare to the supplied and notify the customer if there are any inconsistencies between the two. Communicating with clients...
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    free unlimited cloud storage service?

    CloudBacko seems like an interesting option. It combines multiple free cloud file sync services to give you "unlimited" space. The only downside to it is that you may be violating TOS agreements using the services this way, and at any point they could disable your account. Losing your backups in...
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    Thoughts on the IGEN4

    Josh, in my experience the service delays, unfortunately applies to all Xerox machines. And Agfa, and Canon, and Komori, and Mitsubishi.
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    Thoughts on the IGEN4

    We have an iGen150 that replaced our CP1000 (mainly due to all the negatives you mentioned, plus a few more). The uptime has been much better with the iGen. The quality isn't as good as the ColorPress, and there is more maintenance to be done to the machine. And more strict environmental...
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    Anyone at GraphExpo?

    I was there today. I don't attend the seminars, mostly usually just walk the floor to see the new stuff that's out there. This year was disappointing from a "wow" factor standpoint. I'm used to seeing presses, platesetters, workflows, and large booths. I guess it's a sign of the direction the...
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    What's the beef with layered PDFs?

    leonardr, layered PDFs with or without jdf can be great, and can enable a whole lot of features. But they're only as good as the people who are producing them. Do I want them from clients? Preferably not. But I do use them in-house to make my job easier.
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    What's the beef with layered PDFs?

    I view PDFs as the final file, where no alterations need to be done to it. Layered PDFs are fine, but if you give me a layered file I will setup my workflow to use all of the layers. So if you have one as hidden and don't want it to print, my output will be different than your expectations. If...
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    Black appears to be screened?

    ColorMonkey, yes that's the setting. Changing that will process vector black the same way as the raster. You may need to adjust profile settings to get all 100% black to come out at 100%.
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    Black appears to be screened?

    This is a setting on the EFI. It's been a couple of years since I ran it, but the RIP is treating vector objects differently than raster objects when it processes them through color management. Or more accurately, it is giving special treatment to vector objects that are 100% K. I forget where...
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    Xerox c800/1000 print problem

    jdiggy, Yes we returned it. Along with being told the machine was within spec many times, with front to back, and color registration issues, feeding issues, color calibration issues, and the machine having far under their uptime percentage (we were around 60%). We did stick with Xerox though and...
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    Xerox c800/1000 print problem

    Unfortunately we had the same issue on our ColorPress when we had one. Xerox told us it was within spec.
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    Visual Basic or some kind of script help

    I would look into this: Might be the easiest way to go about it. The run time will probably be longer, but at least it can be unattended, while the script clicks away for you.
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    HP Indigo 3550 - Would like to calibrate with G7

    I compared the excel calculator to the results I got from Curve2. The results were similar, although not exactly the same. The Curve2 software has many more options, which are useful for a more "static" type press like offset/web. For a digital press the excel calculator should work really well.

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