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    AB Dick 9850 issue

    fixed it
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    Need help with printing issue

    I'm self taught on an AB Dick 9850. I have no one to mentor me and I've started having a problem I can't solve. Trying to print large solid black letters, I'm getting a lot of white spots in the printing area, not a solid black color. I've tried adjusting the pressure, adding more ink, broke...
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    Rollers on AB Dick 9850

    This may sound like a dumb question, but how do you know when you need new rollers? I don't run the press a lot, but the rollers are about 4 years old. Is there a clue that says, time to buy? I'm pretty much self taught running the press and have no one to mentor me. Thanks, Lou
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    Xerox 700 banding

    We have a Xerox 700 that is printing a lighter section (a line about a 1/4" wide) down the center of sheets horizontally along the full image. It's only doing this on the Magenta color. Drum or developer or something else? Thanks
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    Adding default paper to the fiery dropdown

    I've created a paper type and want to add it so it shows in the drop down for expert setting when I'm printing this stock. I'm missing a step as I can't get it to show in the drop down box. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Lou
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    Wanted: Xerox Finisher for 700

    Looking for a somewhat local to Philadelphia PA, finisher for a Xerox 700, maybe a SFN-4. Anybody have one or know of someone looking to sell? Looking for nice, used. Lou
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    Help! AB Dick 9850 Envelope printing

    I'm pretty new to printing offset on this AB Dick 9850, only 2 years. Never had a problem like this printing envelopes. When printing them the flaps are opening and creasing. I noticed that the flap is opening before going into the rollers and creasing. I've tightened the guides up, I've...
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    AB Dick Repairman in the Philadelphia PA Area?

    As the title says, looking for someone who repairs AB Dick's like a 9850. We are just outside of Philly, PA. If you know someone, please let me know. Thanks
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    Low to no VOC blanket wash

    Anybody know of a low to no VOC blanket wash I can use on an AB Dick 360 running rubber based ink? Using Varn now and getting strong odors. Thanks for your help. Lou
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    UV Coatings

    We have had some interest from customers in regard to UV coating on business cards and rack cards. Not talking about a lot of quantity, maybe 1000 business cards or 5000 rack cards. We print digitally with a KM C7000 and looking for a way to do this without spending a fortune. Any ideas? Thanks...
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    Polyester plate printers for AB Dick

    We are all digital shop adding a small AB Dick to print envelopes. Seller said a HP 5100 would make the plates for the press. We have a Konica Minota C7000 Printer that handles up to 13" x 18" media. Would the C7000 be able to make the plates? Or should we stick with the HP 5100. Thanks! Lou
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    RB Sun HS 2000 A-B Business Card Cutter

    Does anyone use one of these? Do they do a good job? Do they handle any quantity of cards or only small runs. Looking to see if it would hold up or should I just go with a regular paper cutter. Thanks! Lou

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