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    Native Document Preflight

    Does anyone know of any preflight software for native applications other the Markzware Flightcheck?
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    Tiff Shooter Advice

    I have a Rampage Output Director running on Windows 10. We need to upgrade the hardware (pc running the software) and wonder if it is possible to run it on the new box. First issue, I do not have the installation software. Second is I don't know if this is at all possible, even if I had the...
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    Fast Impose

    Is anyone still using Fastimpose? I am trying to determine if it has broken with the latest update. If you don't understand, it has been end of life yet is still working in 20.1. I wish I knew how long we had left with it. I guess it is time to locate its replacement. :(
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    Canon VarioPrint Speed

    How fast is the vario at 12x18 duplex?
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    Any Ricoh 9210's Out There??

    Do you have a Ricoh 9210? What has your experience been like overall? Appreciate your feedback. Thanks
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    Cost of JDF driven cutters and folders??

    Does anyone know the avg costs of these JDF drive devices? I realize there is a broad spectrum of equipment sizes and configurations, but what would JDF add to the cost of devices?
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    G7 Usage

    I'm wondering if the implementation and continued use of G7 is growing or waning. We all know many companies have closed doors and all, but are shops maintaining the certifications and are new shops joining the standard?
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    VDP random skipped second side issue on RICOH 9110 and Fiery

    Has anyone experienced the following... Sending a variable, 5000 record, two sided file to Fiery as PDF-VT. Occasionally the engine will make a stalling sound and the second side of records printing at that time will be blank. Might do it for two to three records and return to printing...
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    How do you handle the creation of layouts?

    I have been in the business since 1980 and have primarily worked for one company. So, it's safe to say that I have learned one way of handling things. My question is directed at job layouts. Who creates them? Do you still make custom layouts for jobs or do you draw from standards? Do you even...
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    Digital Proof or Not To Digital Proof

    I have been told that there are shops that produce work on digital devices ie: Indigo, iGen Canon etc.. without proofing jobs on the device at all before producing finished product. The fact that there are web based companies doing this all day and night long, but these seem to be templates...
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    Need CTP option advise

    OK, we currently have a 2007 Screen 8600e 11pph output. We need to increase output so a faster machine is in our future. We have a 6/40 Komori and a 8/40 Perfector UV Komori. Do we go for laser diode or GLV? Do we keep the older machine as backup? Do we by new or refurb? BTW we are running...
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    How might Rips differ when processing a PDF?

    What actually happens to a PDF when being interpreted by a RIP? Does anyone have the inner workings down to a point that you can explain the process?
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    Proofing Indigo jobs on a PS laser printer?

    Does anyone have experience using this as a workflow? We are asked to proof revision cycles on our Savin laser printer rather than the Indigo. I am concerned this may result in issues.
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    VDP Software Options

    Hello VDP Software Users, I need some information and insights to the applications you are using. I am tasked with getting our vdp production needs cleaned up. We currently are very fragmented and use multiple applications through different departments. For instance, we use HP Smartstream and...
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    FastImpose Users???

    Is anyone using Fastimpose imposition software?
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    FusionPro and the Indigo

    Does anyone use Fusionpro with an Indigo? We have noticed a few things that don't work the same as Smartstream. When we send over a jlt, the operator can not select ranges of records to proof. He can only select the entire job, for example I can select a record or range of records. Also when the...
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    Komori PDC-S1 Out Of Support

    These guys repair the PDC-S1 scanners and have done so for almost 10yrs. They have inventory of new parts and surplus parts. Lithronix 8005 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, KY 41001 USA 513-235-4299
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    Any AE commercial users???

    Are there any US customers using AE in a commercial environment?? How would you rate it to others you may have used?
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    Anyone know the difference between Apogee Prepress and Apogee Manage?

    What is the difference between these two product titles really...
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    Any experience with MGI digital presses?

    Any experience and feedback on the MGI Meteor presses?

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