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    Statement Printing

    Hi all is anybody here doing billing statements? We have started doing statements for a small utility and are looking for an efficient way to do this. Basically, the client is giving us a file 8000 records. Its only 6000 unique mailing address and each has a varying number of transactions. We...
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    Press Operator

    Press Operator needed. 5/c MO 19 x 25 hidi with coater $ 25 full time days starts immediately signing bonus paid after first week of good work!
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    Smallest pdf size

    I am trying to make a PDF the smallest file size possible without giving up image quality. Basically I am printing on a 600 dpi production laser with variable data as well and I need my PDF to be smaller or it bogs the machine down. If I try and output the PDF from in design in low res I just...
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    Proofing Printer

    Wondering if anyone would recomend a 1 up proof printer. Inkjet is fine I would like to be able to print full color for content and position only (not a true color match) up to 12 x 18 both sides. Thanks
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    Converting rich black to just black

    I am trying to change some text in a PDF to print just black at press. I open the pdf in Illustrator then use the direct select tool then choose black for the fill save and place in in design. When I preview the separations it is not converting it still show printing in cyan and Black. I have...
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    4 color registration marks

    Im laying out press sheets and would like my registration marks to be in all colors. How do I select the trim marks and tell indesign it should print 100 % in all colors? Thanks
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    combo cut sheetwise

    Is there a way in indesign to flop the layout or trim marks? I have a 8.5 x 14 3 up on a 19 x 25 it a combo cut sheetwise job. I would like to just flop the layout so the marks will theoretically be an exact reverse of the other side. Thanks

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