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    KM C6100 Vs Canon 10000 VS Xerox 3100

    Hello, I would appreciate very much if anyone can post any opinions on the following printers: Konica Minolta C6100, Canon 10000, Xerox Versant 3100. Which one is more accurate for color reproduction, closer to offset quality and very reliable. Thank you
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    Accounting / Job tracking software

    Does anyone know of any companies that can accept accounting logs from Xerox Nuvera and X1000 and import them, summarize all the jobs by account and provide final totals for all impressions based on account code. Thanks for all the replies
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    35lb paper

    Hello All, Does anyone know where in Ontario can I get cut sheets 35lb offset paper or full size sheets 23x35 which can be converted to 11x17, 12x18, etc. Thanks
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    Xerox Colour 1000

    Hello, I'm new here. Does anyone have any information on the newest xerox colour digital press 1000. It looks similar to Igen but it's not the same. I want to upgrade my present 6060 printer and debating what is better Xerox 1000, Xerox 700 or 8000AP or Canon 7000VP. If anyone has any...

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What about Profitability?
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