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    Ryobi 520GX

    Hi I am considering upgrading to a new press. I presently run a Presstek (ryobi) 34 DI. The DI has been a great press for us over the past few years. As our volume has increased I am finding that my hard costs on plates is starting to get up there when compared to conventional presses. We do...
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    Intended Press Curve - Gracol

    I am running a Xitron Harlequin rip. Under page setup there is a drop down to select the intended press. There are some generic ones for SWOP, Commercial A, some fogra etc. I have been using my own custom curve for awhile but I wanted to see if there are any curves for Gracol that I could...
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    Epson 9700

    I am thinking about getting a large format printer to get into the large format market but not looking to break the bank. I presently have a 7880 which I use for internal proofing only. I came across the 9700 which is seems go after the CAD/Corporate type market. I saw samples at Drupa and it...
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    Spot UV - offline with screen printing

    I run an offset printing company and I would like to do some testing with offline Spot UV on printed offset work (utilizing screen printing). I have on offline UV roller coater so I thought I could make use of the conveyor and lamps for the UV. Unfortunately I know nothing about screen...
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    Rotary Embossing - is there such a thing?

    Hi I am looking for creative ways to emboss a pattern into 13 x 20 sheets of board stock (14pt - 24pt). Just want to use one pattern on a continual basis but was hoping there might be something out there other than a diecutting machine/letterpress. Is there some kind of rotary machine that can...

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