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  1. synjosh

    Roland RE-640 Constant cleaning. Why?!

    I got my technician look into this but he seemed baffled. He thinks if we update the firmware of the RE-640, this could solve the problem. The only issue is that we can't get the firmware. Anyone please?
  2. synjosh

    Roland RE-640 Constant cleaning. Why?!

    This machine has served us very well so far as we only run it on original Roland inks. Today it has started stopping every 30 to 60cm and cleaning the print head, and when it resumes, it's got a faded band of color on the vinyl prints. Am printing a lot of Yellow and black solids. I also noted...
  3. synjosh

    Roland vs Mimaki

    @jwheeler. In our country, the cost of 1 cartridge (440ml) of Roland is USD141.45. For Mimaki ink in a bottle of 1L (1000ml) is USD 180.02. This to me seem cheaper. On the other hand, you're right about the expiry. Throwing away partially used ink is a loss. You have to make sure you can get...
  4. synjosh

    Roland vs Mimaki

    Cost of running a Roland vs Mimaki? A case of inks where Mimaki introduced Bulk CISS that holds 2 Litre and 1 Litre of inks and Rolands 440ml. Does this make Mimaki Cheaper to run?
  5. synjosh

    Best envelope printer?

    Disabling the double feed detection. This is interesting. Something to for us to consider since we just run a handful envelopes once in a while. May be no need to invest on the dedicated fusing unit to just sit there and collect dust.
  6. synjosh

    Paper production in Italy haunted by Russia sanctions

    Very sad. This effect is getting all the way to Kenya as well. A quote today, then client confirms the order a week later, and by then the raw materials have gone up. I'm desperately looking for Toners for Konica TN-619 for Accuriopress c3070. Genuine ones if any
  7. synjosh

    Toner shortages - Must we resort to this?

    Somebody who may know this please help before I make a regrettable mess. Can TN-312 toner (which I have in stock) work with C3070 if I empty it to the machines bottle?. My supplier is not expecting toner until further notice.
  8. synjosh

    Toner shortages - Must we resort to this?

    I'm also looking for TN-619 for AccurioPress C3070. Is it true that if I use an OEM TN-312 toner (which is what is available) to refill in to my empty TN-619 can work with our machine without causing issues later? In Kenya we are desperate.

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