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    avantra 25 olp problem

    we purchased a avantra olp for our machine i was told it was working when they removed it a year ago. when i turn it on it goes through the system check and then the screen goes blank like normal but i cant get it to power on and the buttons dont beep when pushed, i tried my other control box...
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    aperature jam

    can anybody give me info on this ,aperature jam on a avantra 25, i have a parts machine if i need to replace something, i havent had this error before. I dont know for sure but i think it is in the box in front of the spinner. thanks
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    bypass for processor not ready

    i need to know if anyone know of a bypass or a way i can make avantra 25 think the processor is ready? Thanks
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    agfa Taipan 3.01 help

    i am trying to install agfa taipan 3.1 on windows nt4.0 servicepack 6, netwoking seem to be setup fine using dhcp , i can access the internet and other computers and they can access the rip machine. when i launch taipan rip and the rip pilot the imager view connects to rip , which it is named...

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