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    KBA 105 Rapida with CIPLinkX

    We recently purchased a used KBA 105 Rapida press that has the CIPLINK-X software for processing CIP files. We output CIP files from Prinergy and I have pretty well matched the CIP files that were still on the system from where it was installed. The problem we are having is that we don't know...
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    Matt Beals

    In case people here haven't heard....long time poster here Matt Beals passed away on Feb. 15, 2020.
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    Acrobat Pro Bug

    There is a bug in Acrobat Pro that has been there since Acrobat XI. I have reported it below. Please go and give it a vote and a comment. Bug: Add to an already made selection with the mouse
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    Acrobat DC update today...

    I see they gave us a preference today to not show the Home screen when closing all documents. It works if you close a document via COMMAND+W or using the File menu ==> Close but if you just click the little "X" on the tab the Home screen is still there. A vast improvement anyway. YAY Adobe...
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    Machine Operators

    Experienced machine operators for Harris Saddle Stitcher and Muller Perfect Bind equipment. Breese Publishing Breese, IL. 62230 Please email resume to:
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    GUA Forums

    Anyone else having issues accessing them? I can get to the main forum page but clicking any link gives me a "No data received" error. It has been like this since last Friday.
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    Canon 44" W8200 printer and RIP

    Canon 44" W8200 printer Includes EFI ColorProofXF 3.1 w one-bit tiff option without the Windows 2003 server PC. $2,500 Or.... Canon 44" W8200 printer Includes EFI ColorProofXF 3.1 w one-bit tiff option with the Windows 2003 server PC (no keyboard, mouse or monitor). OS and EFI...
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    Apple screwed the pooch (OS 10.6.3 update)

    If you use CS3 do NOT install the OS 10.6.3 update or CS3 will most likely not work any longer. Apple - Support - Discussions - Installed 10.6.3 and now Photoshop CS3 ...
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    Prepress person needed

    <message clipped>
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    ID CS3 shifting images on export

    OS 10.5.4 on PPC G5 2.5 gb RAM Native file: InDesign CS3 (I do not have access to the native file) Two PDF's of a two page spread sent to me as single page with type running across the fold. I get these a lot and always place them back into InDesign, fit them together mathematically and export...
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    Esko WebCenter vs Nexus WebWay

    WebCenter looks like the most complete product but in the brochure it does not say anything about integrating WebCenter into a Nexus workflow. Can it be done and is anyone doing it? I would mainly be interested in customer file submission and softproofing. I've been told told that WebWay would...
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    Softproofs from Nexus

    I currently use Nexus to generate high res CT/LW and low res Link file. Impose in Preps and output to CTP. I need a way to softproof from the Nexus ripped files. Color is not important. Content accuracy to match what is on plates is vital. Anyone doing something like this out of Nexus and if so...
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    Acrobat 8 UI

    Okay, I've tried, I really have. All week I have not started Acrobat 7 and I've used Acrobat 8 for everything. It has not been a pleasant experience. Everything you click on you have to click twice. But not too fast or the 2nd one doesn't count. Need to click an icon on the toolbar. The first...
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    Nexus 8.6 rev 1

    is out. Enjoy.
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    Acrobat 8 woes

    Posted this at the Adobe forums and it went nowhere so why not try it here? Acrobat 8 productivity in a prepress enviroment. Seriously Adobe, what were you thinking? In Acrobat 6 & 7 I could open the preview separations window and move it over to the side of the screen and keep my mouse...
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    Help with Quark

    I need to place a 1.6 PDF with transparency into Quark. Can anyone help me?

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