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    Working with client supplied files and white ink

    Hi all, Fairly new to the prepress end of printing, have been in the finishing side for 20+ years. We are running a Fujifilm Acuity 4006 flatbed. When we receive a file from a client (PDF usually) if white is needed to be printed on the file it is usually either black or magenta on the file...
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    Ink Adhesion Issues

    We are running the Fujifilm Acuity Select 4006 flat bed and having issues with ink adhesion on rigid polypropylene. Ink scratches off very easily even after being left overnight. UV lamps turned to max. Uvijet adhesion master used but made minimal improvement. Using Uvijet KI inks. Something...
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    Acuity Select 4006

    On the Acuity Advance Select 4006 we have the white options fitted (no varnish). Is there a way to still run the machine with CMYK even though one of the white bags is empty? There must be a way to by-pass or disable one channel and still be able to print with other colours.

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What about Profitability?
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