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  1. Shredder

    Die Cutting 1000 sheets/day 400 gsm

    We print 400gsm 13x19 sheets 6 up and need to cut/trim sheets, punch 6 hang holes. Are there any automated machines that can combine all steps or should I order a custom cutting die? We only have 2 designs.
  2. Shredder

    How cheap are Riso inkjet printers to run?

    For black and white 6x9 pages are Riso inkjet printers the cheapest to run? Do they make a bw unit that collates? Is it better to print 12x18 and cutting it down or just printing 6x9s on a riso? How many pages can the drum hold? What happens if book #1 is on drum #1 and book #3 is on drum...
  3. Shredder

    Hot Glue Gun technique vs Perfect Binding

    I have to make a 50-100 perfect bound books/week (400-500 pages each). Debating between buying a used Duplo or this hot glue gun technique. It looks less messy as well. Has anyone used this hot air gun technique? He makes it seem simple in this video: It also sounds cleaner than dealing...
  4. Shredder


    Considering how many tens of thousands of dollars go into a print controller why wouldn't manufacturers be quick to update them to offer the latest in technology. See Adobe Print Engine 5.0 is out but none of the manufacturers have bothered upgrading to it. If I am writing a check for $10k+ I...
  5. Shredder


    Looking for any print controller for a Konica Minolta C6100: IC-604 IC-313 IC-315 IC-314 Needs to be cheap. new/used
  6. Shredder

    Pay Per Click vs Pay Per Visit

    I have been watching this video: KM Accurio Press Review My expectation from digital printing manufacturers is that they are designing super reliable equipment that requires minimal maintenance and is rock solid. Thirty years ago a book printer friend of mine suggested Minolta printers (pre...
  7. Shredder

    Fiery vs KMBS print controller

    We are not in the printing business. We print our packaging materials and perfect bound books in house. Our volumes are pretty low (100k annually). Although we desire to increase that someday by printing more books. Currently most of our print jobs are 13x19" double sided thickest sheets...
  8. Shredder

    Chicago PT: Minolta technician C6100 setup/maintenance

    I have a contract job for a KMBS printer technician setting up and maintaining a C6100 production press with Perfect Binder. We want to self service the machine and not be under contract. PM for more info. We may consider remote help at very low rate.
  9. Shredder


    I see KM has this for their bizhub line and was wondering if such a thing exists for their Accuriopress line. This eliminates the need of a print controller. NO PRINT SERVER REQUIRED
  10. Shredder

    Battle of the 400

    I have been trying to read reviews of the various machines capable of 400+ gsm. Can anyone give any anecdotal experience with their machines when running 350+ gsm stock consistently? I have spent years shoving heavy stocks that were beyond capacity of my machines to the point I bought an Oki...
  11. Shredder

    Flawless BW production printer

    Is there such a thing as BW production printer that can print day and night and not need a service technician, just toner and replenishment of wearable parts? I imagine with one toner/fuser less can go wrong. Looking for something that is least headache but prints forever using cheap toner. I...
  12. Shredder

    Cheap web to print system

    I see cheap web to print systems with ecommerce storefront for packaging industry. We only have two basic job types: books and card stock. Looking for a complete end to end solution. Can anyone point me in the right direction as I am completely new to web to print?

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