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    XMF - Flatten PDF for Digital KM1 inkjet press

    In XMF workflow. Can I flatten a pdf? Our KM1 Inkjet Press needs flatten files to print from. Thank you, Greg
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    KM1 and Variable Data Files

    Hello, We purchased a KM1 inkjet press. We are looking to run postcards with variable data on it. We currently use XMF for our workflow. What is the best way to merge my data onto files so that the KM1 can print and stack? Thank you.
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    KM1 Inkjet Imposition

    We just purchased a KM1 inkjet press. I was surprised that they are saying it has no imposition software? What is the best way to go about laying out a job, say a 16 page 8.5X11 book. We were using XMF to create imposition for our plates to run our 40" press. Any help or advise is greatly...

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What about Profitability?
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