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    Phase Converter

    We are installing a new Ricoh T6250 and it requires 3 Phase Delta configuration. Our shop only has single phase currently. Does anyone have any recommendations on converters or suppliers?
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    InkJet Envelope Printer

    Looking to purchase a working inkjet envelope printer Mach 5 or equivalent would be ideal.
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    Envelope Printing

    Does anyone like their envelope printer? We've been through Oki and Xante and they are junk
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    Challenge / Champion 305 Cutter -- Clamp Up error

    We have an intermittent issue that we are having trouble diagnosing. Periodically when we cutting it seems at the end of the cut cycle the machine will error out during the clamp up phase. The screen goes blank, the hydraulic noise the cutter makes when the clamp goes up does not stop and we...
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    Challenge / Champion 305 Cutter - Slow Clamp Return

    As you can see from the picture the clamp is stuck halfway down. I am wondering if any Bindery Gurus could help us determine what is causing the clamp to stick when returning to the "Up" position. We have greased the front and back of the vertical track that it slides on, greased all zerk...

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