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    Lotem and flexo mid narrow lasers for sale

    We are selling lotem and flexo mid narrow 1 watt lasers for sale.
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    we need spare part for all different kind of machines

    Hi, We would like to buy some spare parts for different kind of machines (agfa-fuji-kodak) and any other machines. Could you send an email with part name part no picture and price offer pls. We send payment via paypal fyi Best Regards
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    udrc motor-mercury boards-ctp boards-sensors-motors

    Hi, I have 1 new debris udrc blower motor 2 used debris blower udrc motor 1 mercury thd mother board 1 ctp pdb board ctp unload table motor all sensors we have mercury pumps mercury motors glunz and janson motors pumps sensors kodak thermoflex mid narrow parts mcf board strobe board light...
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    kodak service shell dongle for sale

    Hi Kodak service shell dongle we would like to sell Attached pictures Best Regards Kodak Graphic
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    Efi ES 1000 Spectrophotometer Eye one UVcut

    Hi, I have new Efi ES 1000 Spectrophotometer Eye one UVcut 1 pcs new and 1 pcs used I would like to sell them. Regards Ilker
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    lotem creo magnus thermoflex mid narrow laser diode

    Hi Guys, I have new or used laser diode with fiber coupled, is used for magnus-lotem-thermoflex mid narrow Best Regards Ilker

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What about Profitability?
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