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    Corona Treater Alarm

    We have a quality situation that I wont go into, but we have been advised by a sister plant that we need an sound alarm system for our corona treater on a Mark Andy press to alert the operator is the corona treater fails or doesnt meet voltage. I have never seen an alarm other than warning LED...
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    Flexo repeatability issue

    Not sure this is the correct forum. We are having issues with repeatability on a Flexo press with a Shrink material. The issue is repeatability of the SID targets from one run to the next. Wondering if anyone has any insights. We print highly decorative cosmetic shrink labels. We have Esko...
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    Gray Balance consistency run

    To resolve a print inconsistency we are encountering, we created a full AR/AC box of 50/40/40 and ran it on the narrow web press. This test was to see if the color varied or if the press could hold a grey balance. We ran the test and the results were brought back to Graphics for review. I can...
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    Stepped Images not having identical dot structures (follow-up on another forum)

    In investigating a inconsistent print issue, an extreme fine view was put on the dot pattern of our Stepped images. The outside expert said these stepped images should be identical dot for dot. I have to admit I cannot remember from my experience if we always had 1 to 1 dots on stepped images...
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    Inconsistent Print a stepped image

    We are having issues on a narrow web, P9 Markandy, Subsurface print on clear, 4 AR. Dupont DFUV, UV Inks. LED UV Curing lights. Plates stepped using an ESKO Imaging Engine 18.1, imaged on a Esko CDI. On the first step image we get a heavy magenta as you can see from the photos. (Thats the...
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    Esko AE Adjust PDF angles

    Looking for a way to adjust the angles of Spot colors like you can process colors in the Imaging ticket or the Adjust PDF ticket. In the old Nexus, you could default set the CMYK angles and then <spot1> <spot2> etc Doesnt seem to work in AE. Was hoping they would put it back in 18.1. Obviously I...
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    Auto populate the Ink Tab

    Does anyone know a way, either directly or from an out of the box idea, to auto populate the INK tab in pilot from a illustrator file (or pdf). The job would already exist in pilot so it couldn't be from job creation. Even if the data could be put into a Workflow Parameter would be ok, tho not...
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    Esko Upgrade Debacle

    So I would like to update this post. Esko, realizing my frustration on understanding the pricing, performed fantastic customer service and not only explained the situation, quote and terminology, but had a specialist fly out and meet with me to not only fully explain but explore advantageous...
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    Need to recruit an Esko/Applescript/Mac guru for a position

    Hey guys, can you point me in the right direction, or contact me if you know of someone, I have a position open for a Esko AE / Applescript / Mac support person. Without giving away to much info, EOE reasons, relocation and a big company are involved. No joy on my "help wanted" ads online, nor...
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    Does Kodak make an approval system anymore?

    Whats the alternative?
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    Recommendations for a High End Dot Proofer

    We currently use Esko AE/FlexRip, GMG and Epson and are expanding. I am upgrading to latest GMG with 2 large format Epson printers to print DotProofs. I am wondering if getting a higher end Proofing system such as the Kodak Approval would bring any further advantages to the DotProofing that...
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    Why should I print with Dot Gain?

    I am now entrenched in the G7 system. So I got that. But remembering 15 years ago I fingerprinted a print company to print linear, in other words my curves compensated for Dot gain so the finished print was 50%=50% etc. (rightly or wrongly) We printed fantastic stuff with near color accuracy. So...
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    Transitioning from Nexus10.1 to Automation Engine

    We are about to transition from Nexus 10.1 to Automation Engine. I guess transition from is incorrect as AE is an addition to, and not replacement. I was wondering if anyone has completed this process and would offer hints, or comments on what to watch out for, pitfalls, differences. Did you...
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    G-Seven Calc v2.1

    G-Seven Calc v2.1 by KewlBigDan THIS SYSTEM IS NOT CERTIFIED BY IDEALLIANCE and will never be. Seriously $7000?? This Excel Document is FREE. You must of course own the Excel (2007/2010) application. I am not sure it works on MACs, other Excel versions or other Excel document emulators. I...

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