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    Machine that welds vinyl banner edges and grommets at the same time?

    Does anyone know of/have recommendations of machines that will weld vinyl banner edges and grommet them at the same time?
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    Aqueous/UV coaters ?

    We are looking to get a coating machine to try out a variety of different coatings. Can you use aqueous coatings in UV coaters such as the Duplo Ultra 200 PRO UV Coater ?
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    Epson F6200 color drift

    We have always used Epson 7880s converted to use sublimation ink, however we have switched over to Epson F6200s about a year ago. I thought that the color would hold better on the F6200's since they are made for sublimation, but the drift is way worse on them. It seems completely random, the...
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    Recommended sublimation paper for Epson F6200

    We've been using DyeTrans Hi-Res SublimationPaper for our hard substrates and TexPrintXP Sublimation Paper for our softsubstrates with our Epson stylus pro 7890's for a few years now. However we just bought an Epson Surecolor F6200, so now I'm looking into what papers to use for that. The...
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    Dye Sub printer recommendation

    We currently use epson sylus pro 7890's but since they tend not too last forever under heavy use and it's getting harder and harder to find replacements, we are looking at different printer models to replace them. We are a photo lab that for dye sub mostly print smaller hard substrate...
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    onyx input profile question

    I've noticed a dramatic improvement in image quality when I changed the input profile in onyx to BigRGB from the use embedded profile that it was automatically set to. When I have it set to use embedded profile everything has a slight washed out look to it. Although from reading comments on some...
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    Printing wall tex type material on solvent printer

    Has anybody had any luck with printing on wall tex type material or particularity optima opt-solve economy wall tex on a solvent printer. I've just started trying to build a profile for it on an epson S80600, however the preliminary prints I've tried with a bunch of different base medias(all the...
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    Problems profiling Epson S80600

    I recently purchased an Epson s80600 solvent printer to mostly do fine art canvas prints. I've now run into some problems getting a good profile on it and was wondering if anybody might have any good input. I have now created profiles with the help of i1profiler and completely through onyx...
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    Rip software for Epson s80600

    I'm in the process of acquiring an epson s80600 printer at the moment. It comes with the basic onyx gamma rip. I'm thinking this will be all that we need. We just need it to be able to tile up different prints and print them(we don't need to do any other sort of setup through it). We already...
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    outline autotrace

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a way to auto(or just quickly) trace the outline of a figure in an image and then save just that outline as a vector? Right now we just have to do it manually using the bezier tool in corel, which works well but takes way too much time.
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    Blank sporting balls(for UV printing)

    Does anyone know of a good supplier for blank sporting balls(soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, etc...). Especially ones that would work well with UV printing

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