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  1. Tommyjt

    Automated Preflight

    Is anyone using any form of automated preflight, such as drag and drop a PDF, InDesign or Illustrator file into a hot folder and get a detailed preflight report (fonts missing, color mode and resolution of images, etc)? If so, what is it and how well does it work (what percentage of files go...
  2. Tommyjt

    Preps Update for Mac OS X Mavericks

    Preps version 6.1 is currently installed. I upgraded to Mac OS X Mavericks and it crashes immediately. Does anyone know what version works and where I can download an update? Thank you.
  3. Tommyjt

    Software to generate color swatches

    Some of our clients here like to see varying color swatches printed on the actual job substrate and select colors visually. Does anyone know of any software that automatically generates labeled color swatches. Thanks
  4. Tommyjt

    Profile To What?

    In the past I worked for a litho print shop that later, added grand format printers. In order to achieve a good color match between the two, GRACoL was the source profile used in the RIP. If I am going to color manage grand format printers for a shop that doesn't have any litho presses, what...
  5. Tommyjt

    Kodak Plate Processor

    We just had a new Kodak plate processor installed (MOA 850). In the Operator Manual it states; "The user must provide a water supply that complies with local water authority regulations." The installers mentioned that we should have soft water for the processor. Does anyone else use soft water...
  6. Tommyjt

    Automatic Color Slug

    We are using Preps 6. Currently we manually place color slugs at the edge of the sheet. If we use a spot color we would have to place that color ID as well. My question is, is there a way to have these color slugs placed automatically based on the colors used in the imposed PDFs? Thanks
  7. Tommyjt

    Inkjet Contract Proofs

    I am looking for opinions regarding high end inkjet printers for making GRACoL contract proofs. What printer and RIP are you using and is it reliable and accurate? Do you make dot proofs (screened) with your printer and are you happy with the results? Do you have to constantly do head cleanings...
  8. Tommyjt

    Kodak Approval Color Order

    What is the proper color laydown order for the Kodak Approval and how can I change it? Thanks!
  9. Tommyjt

    Smart Review Broken After Java 7 Update

    After updating Java to version 7 on Windows, Insite Smart Review no longer works. Has anyone else had this problem? What is the fix? Thanks, Tom Question answered here:

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