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    Pantone: + or not?

    There are a bunch of additional colors in the 2xxx range.
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    QR codes taking over

    I have heard of mobile advertising... I got one to scan from the video, and it takes you to michaelalanalien on instagram.
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    Delta E'00 l:c:h weighting factors

    Our spot colors are verified by our ink vendor using DE2000, and again on press for packaging work. There is a print quality verification service that specifies it, as well as the 1:1:1 ratio. " Color difference formula: ΔE2000 Color Space kL* = 1 kC* = 1 kH* = 1, in accordance with ISO...
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    Moving the first page image to match end paper and cover page of a book

    I have also seen that done for better crossovers in perfect bound brochures, usually 1/8" (3mm) We called it kick out. It was a manual process.
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    AM 250 lpi

    No contradiction here. The last place I worked printed everything with 300LPI hybrid screening (Stochastic below 5% and above 95%) We let 300ppi images go, and found there are very few instances where extra resolution was helpful.
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    The New Face to the Customer

    1. Yes 2. They provide disposable procedure masks, but I got my own reusable, fabric ones. 3. Yes, but they didn't fit me.
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    Paste Binding

    We do this inline on a web press, which is much more than you need. You might be able to do inline gluing on a folder as described in this link.
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    gloss spot varnish HELP

    I'll second Magnus59 suggestion if you have UV capability. If not, sending out for UV coating is going to be your best bet.
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    Time planning software?

    In the past, I have used Trello in a large format department, and Ganttic to schedule Sheetfed, digital and large format.
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    cxf values

    You can load the .cxf values into the Exact using Exact Manager application. You can also create job setups, and update the firmware through there.
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    Covid-19 Creates Opportunity

    What about UV lamps for extra germ killing effect?
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    Idealliance SCCA Calculator

    I'm not sure if I have the latest version, but the one I have has a second tab for modifying custom data. It looks like you would need to get the characterization data from the profile, and will work with any patch count up to 1617.
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    Calculating Status T Density from Spectral Data

    I have a spreadsheet with the weighting factors and calculations in it. PM me, and I will email it to you. Bret
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    Creating profile with i1iO and iProfiler

    Here is the P2P25 mirrored. The white patches should be averaged. If they cause an error in Curve, you might have to delete them from the measurement file in Excel. (I just imported the 1617 mirrored measurement file into Curve 4, and there weren't any errors)
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    Creating profile with i1iO and iProfiler

    Try this. You need a measurement to save a rmxf which you can then import and save as a rwxf. How convenient.
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    Creating profile with i1iO and iProfiler

    I'm on OSX. In the Printer Profiling Workflow, you should be able to drag the .txf file onto the Test Chart icon at the bottom and go from there.
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    Creating profile with i1iO and iProfiler

    I saved it out of the profiling workflow. you should be able to import it and measure from there. I really hate how the file formats are so convoluted in i1Profiler. Let me see if I can figure out the black magic to get it from one area to the other. I don't have a mirrored P2P, but I might be...
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    Creating profile with i1iO and iProfiler

    I don't have an IO to test this, but it looks right in I1Profiler.

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