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  1. doubting_thomas

    DC2060 Image Quality Issues - Help Please!

    If the spots persist into a run it can mean that there is an issue with your developer housing. It could also be caused by paper dust, but those should look more like an offset hickie and vanish over a few clicks. Developer housing issues will be hit and miss across he sheet, but will not vanish...
  2. doubting_thomas

    DC2060 Image Quality Issues - Help Please!

    Image 2 - I've seen this happen on sheets that have a lot of curl, either that area being a bit curly before being printed on or are being auto-duplexed where curl occurs after the first side is imaged. It was caused by the back of the sheet not making good contact with 2060's image transfer...
  3. doubting_thomas

    TrueType Fonts survey

    Never have, might never in the future. We turn almost no work away. I'd love to have that luxury. What's it like? ;)
  4. doubting_thomas

    XeroX Click Charges

    We pay about the same as leetaylor for approximately the same plan. You need to let them know that $0.03 per color click will make or break the deal for you and maybe you can get them to work with you. It will depend upon your projected volume, which you don't provide us with, but that's pretty...
  5. doubting_thomas

    B&W Volume pricing

    You keep providing the other two points of the printer's triangle: Service and Quality. There will always be someone with a lower price.
  6. doubting_thomas

    B&W Volume pricing

    We couldn't make any money at $0.013 cents per click. Our service is $0.004 and paper on top of that? What's the point?
  7. doubting_thomas

    Xerox 5000 banding

    That isn't a feature of the 5000, it's a service issue. Do you mean by top and bottom of the sheet the lead edge and tail edge, or do you mean the operator side (bottom) and the non-operator side (top)? If it's a lead and tail edge, are you running a auto duplex job? What kind of paper are you...
  8. doubting_thomas

    new star trek movie

    I got to see it at the local IMAX. Awesome!
  9. doubting_thomas

    Grain direction on digital presses

    For us it matters for bindery, as previously posted, but it also matters in order to get the stock through the machine in the first place. Short grain for most heavier stocks seems to work the best whether printing single sided or duplexing. Curl is the most difficult to control because of the...
  10. doubting_thomas

    FSC certification

    When we went through our internal audit the paperwork clearly stated that we were to have an inventory sheet of FSC stock which we planned on making a claim with available. Maybe that represents some sort of change, or things have changed. It was pretty clearly stated that we had to account...
  11. doubting_thomas

    Pre-Printed Offset Covers / What digital equipment to use?

    We run pre-printed offset pieces through an AB Dick 9810 before I imprint them with our Docucolor 5000. That takes almost all of the powder off, so feeding and imaging aren't really an issue.
  12. doubting_thomas

    FSC certification

    We can't really afford the extra stocking space for FSC papers so in the event we actually run a job requiring a claim (we have not run one yet), we'll either recycle the left over paper, or integrate it into our non-FSC claim papers. That way we don't have to keep a running inventory.
  13. doubting_thomas

    Seattle newspaper ends print edition

    The Seattle Times isn't very far behind it. Very thin too. The PI will I'm sure be used by many soon to be bankrupt papers as a test model to see if money can be made on-line after stopping print production. Seems like the most difficult hurdle will be making money, although retaining...
  14. doubting_thomas

    FSC certification

    This is exactly what my point is. The FSC took our money and gave us the certification without visiting our shop. It's shabby at best to be certified, though we follow all of the procedures. We should have been audited by a third party, that's all I'm saying. ps meddington, your old avatar on...
  15. doubting_thomas

    Postcard company wanting super rich black?

    Are you sure they're printing offset and not digital?
  16. doubting_thomas

    FSC certification

    The only certification I've mentioned is the FSC Certification because that's the only one that I've been through the process with. If you have an issue with the idea that an internal audit for that specific certification shouldn't carry the same weight as an audit done by a third party, or...
  17. doubting_thomas

    FSC certification

    I'd be interested to hear from either a FSC representative or a SCS member on this discussion. I'm wondering about the integrity of their audits, the transparency of their business practices and the value one actually gets when paying for usage rights of their logo. I question their basic...
  18. doubting_thomas

    FSC certification

    mattf, I guess we didn't have an external auditor because there isn't an agency here that is certified (tongue in cheek) to audit us. Seriously though, I would have thought that they'd fly a representative out for what it cost us for the use of the logo. Boston is much larger than Seattle so...

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