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  1. doubting_thomas

    Scratched material Eskofot DPX

    Recently we've been seeing some scratches on our plate material, after imaging, as it works it's way through our DPX activator and stabilizer tanks. The pattern runs front to back on the plate, and the lines are the same distance apart as the raised areas on the diamond plate that guides...
  2. doubting_thomas

    Odd post clipping

    It looks like there's some strange formatting going on on text that runs to the right side of the text frame. I think this is new today (at least that's when I noticed it). I'm running Firefox, OS X 10.4.11 Here's a screen shot:
  3. doubting_thomas

    Embedded PDF in Lotus Notes

    I'm not sure where this question would go. Maybe here... My wife's company uses Lotus Notes for their general office work flow. Their graphics department needs to distribute soft proofs of graphics files for print to brand managers and purchasers for their review before actually releasing...

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What about Profitability?
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