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  1. spoocobra

    Roland vs Mimaki

    I have both, mimaki flatbed and roland roll to rolls, but mine are UV.
  2. spoocobra

    CGS Oris Color Tuner Web V1.2

    Do you know how to start from scratch and start all over? It really isn't that much more than a new Lin file. Also has somebody moved the files/folders where previous RFP's where? Seems like that is the issue.
  3. spoocobra

    EQUIOS vs Xmf

    I'm curious about this "RealPro" you speak of. Any update?
  4. spoocobra

    macOS 10.12 question

    I don't think you can roll back a new mac that comes with Sierra can you? Isn't it tied/binded to the hardware/firmware? Or have they changed that? If you want app compatibly check out RoaringApps (link down below) And for downgrading you can do a restore from time machine of your old machine on...
  5. spoocobra

    CS6 and Apple OS

    If you want to see an Apps compatibility with and OS or anything else check out the great site linked below. Also I amrunning 10.10 on all our workstations and use CC15 all the way down to CS3 with no issues really. You have to download the old version of Java 6 for CS6 and below but it's an...
  6. spoocobra

    A tool for gang run print calculation

    Interested in seeing your software as well and thanks!
  7. spoocobra

    Generatinc PDF preflight reports

    Have you looked at PitStop Server? Sounds like something From Enfocus would be what you are wanting
  8. spoocobra

    problem with my Epson 9900

    Well considering this is coming straight from our epson installer I don't think he would tell us to do something negative for the printer...
  9. spoocobra

    problem with my Epson 9900

    Glad you got it fixed. Question for you. How often do you run the cleaning cycle? I run a cleaning cycle twice a day on our 7900's whether we have a heavy print load or not. Once a week a run a nozzle test to make sure everything is up as well.
  10. spoocobra

    OS X Yosemite

    Nope it sure don't, then again I went in an turned off all notifications I don't want or use in preferences so hardly anything pops up. Only things I have in their are for CC and a few other special apps.
  11. spoocobra

    OS X Yosemite

    Are you talking about the Rampage client? We are running 12.3b7 with Yosemite, no issues at all. Each iMac has it's own usb drive for time machine, etc. No notice of being slow or anything like that as well. None of my guys have complained about any issues besides when will I do updates lol (I...
  12. spoocobra

    Deceiving Pitstop Inspector

    So uh this file you uploaded is that the file you printed from? Cause I see absolutely no RGB in there what so ever. What are you using to print? What RIP are you using? According to Acrobat is was made in Illy CC 14 (Mac). Checked in il was all CMYK, I ripped it in our rip (Rampage) No RGB...
  13. spoocobra

    Digital Color Proof systems

    Hey there zhucha1, check your p.m.
  14. spoocobra

    Whats up with preset pdf setting in InDesign???

    Use this script when exporting your pdf's and you won't have the issue of changing your Preset Settings. Page Exporter Utility (PEU) 5 Script Updated for CS3 | InDesignSecrets actually here's the latest 5.0.1 Download Page Exporter Utility 5.0.1 (Mac) - Softpedia and yes it works up to CC14 as...
  15. spoocobra

    Wanted Wide Format Epson 9880 or 9800 printer

    We have 2 Epson Pro 9800's we are no longer using since switching to an impoproofer. I can find out what we want etc... for them if you are still looking and interested.
  16. spoocobra

    For an accurate color chart, what is the best method for "capturing" the colors?

    Scan/Measure, Potato/Potatoe lol. Do you feel getting the paint manufacture directly involved with the printer as well will help in any way?
  17. spoocobra

    For an accurate color chart, what is the best method for "capturing" the colors?

    Well when I said scan I meant with a spectrophotometer of course lol, but wouldn't/couldn't you in essence use a pantone or swatch book like you posted to, to "visually" match that paint samples as well and just make a big board and go from there as well?
  18. spoocobra

    For an accurate color chart, what is the best method for "capturing" the colors?

    Back me up Gordo (hopefully) if you wanted to truly get the best accurate representation couldn't you get the LAB readings from scanning them, talk to your printer and have them custom mix inks for each color (like spot) and then run a print test with so called "ring-arounds". Although this...
  19. spoocobra

    How to assure consistent color when exporting to PDF?

    Like others have said. Please, please contact your printer and ask them for their export settings and if this will be 4/C or spot? If they don't have any, I can give you what we give to our customers for exporting
  20. spoocobra

    Opening Previous Version InDesign Files in Creative Cloud

    I came here to say the same thing lol. Soxy is amazingly great and made for this. Since we still have clients that use CS2 still... But no you are not being overly cautious in my opinion.

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