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  1. Gerhard

    RGB convertion to grayscale

    Hi, I think you are little ojd fashion. We've worked like that 10 years ago. Have you ever heard about PDF-X? Converting RGB to PS using Distiller to create CMYK PDF files with Pitstop is a solution that might work but it definitely takes too much steps. No wonder that you are running out of...
  2. Gerhard

    MS Word PC / MS Word Mac - Formatting

    MS Word PC / MS Word Mac - Formatting Yes, that's the right answer. Just create a PDF file from the word document. If you open this on your Mac you will have the same layout. Regards, Gerhard
  3. Gerhard

    Do people use Google Docs to create PDFs that go out to print service providers?

    Do people use Google Docs to create PDFs that go out to print service providers? Hi Helen, The problem of creating PDF files from Google Docs will be the same as creating PDF files from Mircosoft Office. The complete content will be in RGB and not what is required for printing in CMYK...
  4. Gerhard

    The aging of thermal plate?

    The aging of thermal plate? Hi, Please be advised that the storage of thermal plates is not as difficult as storing polymer plates, which are much more sensitive to different temperature. So I am sure that there is no storage problem with your plates and they are not expired. In general I...
  5. Gerhard

    slow dry times - ink or fountain solution?

    slow dry times - ink or fountain solution? Changing the ink requires you also to change the fountain solution. You can't keep the same formula because each ink has different components. Ask your dealer for the right fountain solution. Micro Ink (India) belongs to Huber Group in Germany and they...
  6. Gerhard

    Apogee & PDF

    Apogee & PDF Hi. If the fonts are not embedded in the PDF and the fonts are not installed on the RIP be sure all RIPs will break off the job. Normally they do not crash. So there must be also another bug in the file. There is some normalizing software available in the market helping to...
  7. Gerhard

    Question on type of printer and method for consistent printing.

    Hp1515 Hp1515 I have both: Inkjet and Laser but presently I prefer the Laser. The quality is good, printing is fast and it looks kind of Offset printing. I am working in the prepress field. Next to my job I am using my private environment for prepress work as a freelancer for a publishing...
  8. Gerhard

    Question on type of printer and method for consistent printing.

    Hi, I am printing on a HP Color Laserjet 1515 and it works perfect. Sometimes I need to calibrate but this is OK and it doesn't take too much time. Regards, Gerhard
  9. Gerhard

    Inconsistent CMYK workflow

    Ha ha ha, just change your printer. It's definitely not your design. It's just a printer problem.
  10. Gerhard

    Prepress outsourcing to india

    Prepress outsourcing to india Hi, yes indeed it is possible to outsourcing the Prepress. Hey, we live in an international world! And there is Internet and FTP. So what's the problem? The Indian workers own a fraction of your salary and they are used to work quite hard. A problem in India might...
  11. Gerhard


    Re: TAC Hi, First of all, 240 TAC for CMYK sounds good for Newspaper production. For commercial jobs TAC should be higher. Second, varnishing is not taken into account with TAC. It is definitely an extra process. Third, why are you printing black text in CMYK? There is something wrong with your...
  12. Gerhard

    JDF Work flow?

    Re: JDF Work flow? Hi, I read the answers you've got on your question but I feel none of them is really useful to you even so all of them are right. JDF = Job Description Format is not a software or a workflow. Its created to build a cross-platform tool for automating workflows. The scripts...
  13. Gerhard

    Unreadable (Foreign) fonts

    Re: Unreadable (Foreign) fonts Hi, Just let me try evaluating your problem. You received a PDF file containing foreign letter types which you cannot process. If the font is not embedded in the file - just forget it. If you can open the file on your desktop and you can see the foreign font...
  14. Gerhard

    Ink Density on 34DI

    Re: Ink Density on 34DI Hi, I am not disappointed but I agree with him. The standards are: Cyan:-1.25 Magenta:-1.20 Yellow:-1.15 Black:-1.60 and in general you'll not have too much problems with it. Your yellow seems too low to me. Regards, Gerhard
  15. Gerhard

    ink limit

    Re: ink limit Hi, In fact the Total Ink Coverage (TAC) differs from system to system and you need different ICC profiles as well for reaching the best result. Rotogravure printing is totally different from web-offset. What I would like to recommend to you is saving your file as an RGB PDF (not...
  16. Gerhard

    Automated Workflow

    Re: Automated Workflow Hi, There is a workflow exact as your requirements available with OneVision. It is called Speedflow Cockpit. Just got to and ask for an online demo or a test installation. Regards, Gerhard
  17. Gerhard

    Scanning Old Film

    Re: Scanning Old Film Here is a webpage: Ask these people. They have (had) a software for copy dot working with any high quality scanner. I used it about four years back and it worked easy and perfect. Gerhard
  18. Gerhard

    Batch converting RGB to CMYK with text as Black

    Re: Batch converting RGB to CMYK with text as Black Hi, if you want to do this all automatically you need a software that is capable of using XML, converting RGB text into black text only, converting RGB red into 100% M and 100% Y, converting any other RGB color into the color you want...
  19. Gerhard

    OpenType fronts used in InDesign and PDF

    Re: OpenType fronts used in InDesign and PDF Hi, The best way of sending files to clients you don't know is still to use PDF 1.3 and to outline the text. As long as the font is available with you this will work fine. The only problem is that the fonts are not editable anymore. On the other hand...
  20. Gerhard

    Acrobat Preflight

    Re: Acrobat Preflight You definitely should contact OneVision ( to get the real preflight with normalization for your newspaper workflow. Most of the prime newspapers use their software Asura. Gerhard

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