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    Guillotine Blades Sharpening

    LA Grinding is awesome. I'm in San Diego and we use them almost exclusively.
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    Need Some Direction on Digital Label Presses/Finishers

    That is a gross oversimplification. Digital presses are so much more than they used to be. And digital label presses are amazing pieces of machinery.
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    ECRM MAKO NEWS Vs. Screen 8600E

    Is the same DFE being used on both machines?
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    Perfect Binding with Coated Covers

    As long as you spare-out any AQ, UV and Ink you should be fine.
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    Anyone use an impact type printer

    I have used a LogoJet UV2400 that does exactly what you want to do. The are very impressive, but not cheap! I have done stone tile/coasters, golf balls & tees.
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    Butt-load of spot colors in a job

    Years ago, we were running a Mercedes-Benz car book on our new 8-color 40" Sheetfed. One form had the paint options pages. It was 24 plates for each side! A total of 6 passes through the press. What a nail-biter!
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    Butt-load of spot colors in a job

    The maximum of 27 spot colors is a known limitation for InDesign. Unfortunately, I do not know of a workaround.
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    Is anyone using High Seria with Rampage?

    I was using High Sierra w/ Rampage v12 with no issues at all.
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    Epson Stylus Pro 7900 all clogged up

    I agree. I had a 9900 that had to have 2 head replacements in 5 years. The x900 series has been discontinued. The SureColor P Series is EPSON's suggested successor.
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    IBM Lotus Notes

    Wait... there was a 4?!?
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    printing specs form

    All tree printing technologies allow you to print on clear or metallized substrates, among other finishes. Window clings are an example of wanting to have a white down before or after (depending on whether is is applied inside or outside) printing 4CP. One time we used opaque white on our Indigo...
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    printing specs form

    This can apply to offset, digital or flexo.
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    printing specs form

    Is he going to be printing on a clear substrate with a white underprint?
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    Fixing Files

    I've tried that and usually it is two, three, four or more times going back and forth with the customer. Either they don't understand or don't have the abilities and/or talent. A lot of shops also experience what claude72 stated.
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    Where do you get your industry information?

    Trade Magazines: Printing Impressions and Flexo. I dearly miss Graphic Arts Monthly. Other: Peers and Friends in the industry.
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    Fixing Files

    Where I worked in the past, if I had taken that approach and the customer complained, my boss would have lit me up for either not fixing it or not catching it. It wouldn't matter if it was the customer's mistake.
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    Sgemented Ink Fountains for GTO 52

    Back in the early 2000's we had a Harris M110B (heatset half-web) re-built and the solid ink blade was replaced with segmented ink keys. That was back when Heidelberg owned Harris, though.
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    Need a Machine for Small Volume Envelope Printing

    Although I have never owned a Xante Impressia, I have had a demo of one. I was impressed (no pun intended). I believe it is built around a RICOH Aficio SP series printer. I've had two of these printers over the last 10 years. They are absolutely rock solid!
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    To curve color bar or not

    I know many press operators who would disagree with that statement. Screened patches of known values are nice to use when determining dot gain.
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    When to Shingle?

    I calculate creep on anything 24-pages and higher. If the total push-out is less than 1/16" than I don't even bother with an adjustment.

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