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    Traps in Proofs

    As I am finding out, most flexo shops only send a PDF proof for approval. In the offset world, nearly every job had a physical proof made. And these proofs would also show traps. The question is, whether you are using Esko or PACKZ, do you show traps on your PDF proofs?
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    As stated in my previous post, I am a noob in flexo. So please excuse my ignorance and rudimentary questions. We have: 1 - Mark Andy P5 2 - Marc Andy 2200 1 - Webtron 650 All are very well maintained. We are using HD ASAHI plates imaged on a Esko CDI Spark 3530. We use an outside vendor for...
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    Offset to Flexo

    Hello all. After many, many years in offset printing prepress, I have made the move to flexo. I think I will pick it up just fine, but I might be relying on you geniuses here @ PP for some pointers!
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    PitStop Pro 2017 Update

    I am not sure when it was released but PitStop Pro 2017 Update 1 is available. One thing I did notice is that when you use the Select Object tool, the frame of the object becomes highlighted as it did in the past.
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    macOS Sierra

    Hi all. We are still running Rampage 12.3.23 until we make the move to a currently supported DFE. Has anyone upgraded to macOS Sierra (10.12.x) with the use of the Rampage client? Experiences? Incompatibilities? Thanks so much!
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    Production Planner Notes

    Worked on a job today and this was in the prepress/press instructions... "PLEASE NOTE: THIS JOB WILL RUN SHEETWISE FOR DRYING PURPOSES. BUT TECHNICALLY, THE SAME IMAGE PRINTS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE SHEET AS IF THE RUN IS WORK & TURN." Uh... isn't that a W&Turn?
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    Snickers Retoucher

    Having been a retoucher since the launch of Photoshop 25 years ago, I found this to be quite funny. This was the OBC of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue I just received in the mail.
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    Premedia Specialist

    Premedia Specialist We used to call this position a “Prepress Operator”, but it has become so much more, hence the title. This industry is evolving so quickly that it is hard to keep up. That being said, this is an AWESOME opportunity for the right individual. Here is what we...
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    Is anyone on this forum a print provider parter with HubCast?
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    Men vs Women

    I just realized another thing that makes women, particularly mothers, smarter/better than men. I've never heard anyone say, "My mom was the one who got me into printing."
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    OS X Yosemite

    All of my production machines are on OS X Mavericks. And we have Rampage v12.x Is anyone running OS X Yosemite and successfully running Rampage v12.x?
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    FuiFilm Celsis 6250 (OEM Crosfield)

    I have a FujiFilm Celsis 6250 CASC Scanner for sale. This scanner was OEM from Crosfield. Very clean and very well maintained. It includes both a small drum and a large drum and mounting unit. Also included is a PowerMac G3, dongle, interface card and software needed to operate. It was working...
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    HP Indigo screen angles

    Would anyone be able to educate me on the screen angles that HP uses on their Indigo presses? Cyan = 4° Magenta = 64° Yellow = 18° Black = 34° Is there a reason for this? Has anyone printed with traditional angles?
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    HP Indigo EPM

    Is anyone here running an Indigo and using EPM (Enhanced Productivity Mode)? Is it worth it? What are the pros and cons?
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    Fuji acquires RAMPAGE's support contracts

    I went to RAMPAGE's website this afternoon and was surprised by the message I saw, it is below. Does anyone have anymore details about this? Is the RAMPAGE workflow going to continue being developed? What about Fuji's XMF workflow that they been developing...
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    RAMPage Indigo Shooter

    Does anyone have working experience with the hp Indigo Shooter from RAMPAGE? What do you like about it? What DON'T you like about it? We have both offset presses and Indigo presses and currently use RAMPAGE for our offset workflow. Any and all comments would be appreciated!
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    QuarkXPress 10

    Has anybody taken the plunge yet? Have any of your customers supplied files from QXP 10? I know that I should purchase at least one copy, but I can count on my fingers how many QXP 9 files I've received since it was released 2.5 years ago. I have 12 users using Adobe Creative Suite, everyday...
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    Vintage Industry Video

    Hi All. Does anyone have access to any videos that may show prepress production before the advent of desktop publishing? I have a class coming in for a tour in a few weeks. I'd like to be able to show them how this was all done pre-comuter days. Any suggestions as to where to find such videos...
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    CD & DVD Replication

    I wasn't quite sure which forum to post this in... Does anyone have any experience with small CD/DVD Replicators that also inkjet on the face of the media? A few of our customers have the need for disc replication that will accompany their printed collateral. For some of the smaller...
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    Moving from PSI by EFI to Enterprise

    After 8 years of using PSI as our MIS system, we are moving to Enterprise. From what I've seen so far with Enterprise, it looks decent enough. We will be having several WebEx training sessions over the next several weeks. Will anyone with experience with both systems please comment about this...

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