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  1. lsynadinos

    Looking for Digital Trade Printer in Los Angeles Area

    I am in the proposal phase (it's promising) for two clients to build eCommerce print storefronts, and I'm looking for a trade printer with Indigo press(es) willing to take on a continuous body of work consisting mostly of business cards, flyers, tri-fold brochures and pocket folders. Must be...
  2. lsynadinos

    Variable data files as a service?

    Thanks for the warning. It's covered.
  3. lsynadinos

    Variable data files as a service?

    Thanks for the info. I primarily need eCommerce print that supports complex variable data products. I'm thinking using the system to offer VDP as a service could generate additional revenue.
  4. lsynadinos

    Variable data files as a service?

    I'm looking to branch out on my own with w2p storefronts and variable data programming. I'm wondering if there is a market to provide VDP programming and file creation (PDF) for printers who may not be able to invest in VDP software and are missing out on jobs because of it. I'm skilled in XMPie...
  5. lsynadinos

    Avanti Slingshot users in Tennessee or Indiana?

    David, we never did find someone, and our CFO is long back from her vacation. Avanti Slingshot looks like a very good fit for us, especially with the XMPie, BCC and Great Plains integrations already figured out. Though, we're still going through our due diligence and looking at EFI Pace too.
  6. lsynadinos

    Avanti Slingshot users in Tennessee or Indiana?

    Haha! We're in California too, just so happens that she's traveling out of state later this week. which is why I was asking for Indiana and Tennessee.
  7. lsynadinos

    Avanti Slingshot users in Tennessee or Indiana?

    We're exploring this system and our CFO will be in these two states later this month and would love to drop in to talk to any users willing to have her for a quick visit.
  8. lsynadinos

    Avanti Slingshot

    I'm seeking input on recent (up to 3 years) implementations of Avanti Slingshot. Was it a smooth process? Were milestones met on time? How long did the whole process take? How was dealing with the training/support team? Are you happy with the end result? Would you have done anything different...
  9. lsynadinos

    looking for a creative print shop
  10. lsynadinos


    I'd like to get a feel for how many prepress departments are responsible for taking written information (text only, no drawings) and engineering the impositions for sheetfed and full web, how many receive hand-drawn layouts as a reference for creating the imposition in Preps, Metrix, etc., and...
  11. lsynadinos

    3rd Party Inks for HP Scitex FB500?

    Magenta and light magenta are very weak and salmon in hue; the black, cyan and light cyan are weak. I suspect there are no 3rd party inks available, but it's worth asking.
  12. lsynadinos

    How do I know what version to open with CS'ssss

    We also use Bridge to determine what the creation version is. We then create a sub-folder such as CS5, CS5.5...whatever. That way the next operator knows what to do. In some cases, we get files for the same job from different sources and have to manage the job in separate versions–lots of fun...
  13. lsynadinos

    Old Materials Needed

    One of our salesmen is giving a presentation on how things were done in the "olden days" to graphic arts students in Southern California. He would appreciate donations of any or all of the following: Negative and positive film–with and without imagery Rubylith Orange masking Film opaque Color...

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