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  1. Fatboysmart

    Production problems Kodak Thermal Direct plates

    I just received a phone call from my supplier that there are problems at the US production plant for Kodak Thermal Direct plates. Apparently stocks are running out worldwide and no one knows how long these problems will last. Has anyone experienced problems getting these plates, or does anyone...
  2. Fatboysmart

    Quark 7.5 PDF export makes photo's spot black

    I recently updated my Xpress from 7.2 to 7.5. Ever since then, when I make a PDF with the export function, all greyscale photo's print much darker. When I checked the PDF with 'Box of Tricks', I noticed that all black & white photo's are now set as 'spot black', where it used to be 'greyscale'...
  3. Fatboysmart

    Illustrator CS4 pagesize EPS file

    When I save an Illustrator EPS file from AI CS3, and then drop it on the distiller the page size is always the maximum pagesize, which is huge. Up to CS2 an EPS would be the size of the elements in the file. Is there any way to change this back so it behaves like before?
  4. Fatboysmart

    Correction Pen for Kodak Thermal Direct Plates

    Hello All, Can anyone tell me which correction pen to use on Kodak Thermal Direct plates? I have tried just about any correction pen we have (from the old days with standard CTF plates), but none of them work. Anyone?

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